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To the world with a sense of sophistication of international standards

-International certification-
ICPA Liberal Arts Protocol Academy

Internationally certified world-class pioneer
Reliable, secure, world trust

True international power guidance that can only be learned at ICPA is international trust

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Internationally Certified Cross-Culture Protocol ICPA

The foundation of smooth communication that transcends cultural and customary differences
Learn true international power that will be useful for a lifetime and gain confidence and future
Asia's first internationally accredited comprehensive international skills vocational school
Experience course / interview
'' The “key” of true international power Let's build the best self-improvement and affluent society together with true international culture Living with the world
Find your key to your futureʻ
Murata Cecilia Truth Fulford Internationally Certified Cross-Culture Expert ICPA Founder / Director
'' France and Monaco in the spiritual society The mellowness and sweetness of the slowly flowing time captivates people's hearts in an instant Saisir la réelle richesse''
French consultant
'' Enrich your mind with the international culture of wine Knowing wine creates international communication May your life be as rich as wine''
'' Etiquette is a small extra that makes everything extraordinary. Experience always tells that what changes people's minds and the world is a small extra that you may offer.'
Elizabeth Ahn CEO of Gloze Global Partner-Korea
“Let's start a journey back to our cultural and social roots and explore the similarities we share.
Matthias Urrisk Founder --Imperial Tours & Events --Global Partner Austria
“In Europe's history, politics and culture have always been linked together, with Vienna
being the heart where momentous decisions were made by sovereigns.``
Paul Tupy Founder --Imperial Tours & Events- Global Partner Austria
“If you are ever unsure about whether something is correct or not, then my golden rule is:'if in doubt, don't'.``
William Hanson Executive Director --The English Manner --Global Partner Britain

Experts / Partners

Be what you love, do what you love.
For the best self-polishing

The International Liberal Arts and Manners Course was not just a manners course, but the best self-improvement. I have acquired the common sense of international standards centered on the United Kingdom.

Become a global leader

I realized that it is a necessary skill for people who will lead society in the future, both domestically and overseas. I touched on the international sense that can only be obtained with ICPA.

For the best career advancement

I am confident that I can work well with the world! It is important to learn international standards.

Process to Success

ICPA will continue to support students until they are on the path to success
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    Experience course individual interview

    First of all, we will meet directly with the director of the school in a hands-on course
    We will send you guidance tailored to your purpose English is also available
    First from here

    Experience reservation
  • 2
    Introductory to advanced course

    Languages start at any time, international liberal arts programs start at any time for individual courses, groups start in September and April, seasonal courses available
    2020 is a special October ~

  • 3
    ICPA International Certified Instructor Training
    Specialist program

    Turn world-class learning into a career Communicate wonderful learning to others The best learning and the best career that will make you shine even more After completing the course, you will be able to immediately teach with ICPA materials.

  • 4
    Certified Salon Management Certification
    Expert program

    After gaining experience as a specialist, launch a certified salon Start-up support, consulting, management guidance You can launch a salon under your own brand as a sister school of ICPA To an ICPA certified salon

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Be what you love to do what you love.

ICPA will give you all the skills you need internationally
Bringing international standard skills and the best self-improvement to the international community

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    This post is also available in: 日本語