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Internationally accredited ICPA International Protocol Academy

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The International Protocol Academy of Japan

International Certified Comprehensive International Education Pioneer
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Setting a new gold standard of education

International certification-Japan's only

ICPA is part of the World Class Executive LEPSW Group
It is the only school in Japan that monopolizes international certification in Japan.

Internationally Certified Academy

85% of life success depends on social skills` `
Historical and scientifically-based academic soft-skilled cross-cultural communication, proven by Harvard University, Stanford University, and Carnegie Foundation

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Our students come from diverse backgrounds and work across a wide range of industries. Participants of all industries, ages and races

Build your social confidence and discover new levels of success at a global level

Social etiquette will help you succeed in life
Learn social etiquette and protocol from world-class professionals
The education of ICPA is based on various scientific grounds that have been proved with research results from overseas. We are more than happy to provide informative manuals for students to further read about our educational methods.
Whether you're in business or private, global standard skills are a lifelong treasure. Once you've acquired them, you can continue developing them yourself. People skills works for everyone, and it's the key to unlocking your full potential.
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International Business Cross Culture Specialist
Advance Your Career
Improve Your Social Life
Gain Diplomatic Skills
Join A Vibrant Student Community

Essential skills For An Era Of Globalization

Acquire international standard skills
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Make your dreams come true with confidence

By acquiring a deeper understanding of international standards, I have gained confidence in my ability to work and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.

Advance your career and become a global leader

I realized that it is a necessary skill for people who will lead society in the future, both domestically and overseas.

ICPA was the right choice for me

The academy created endless possibilities for my life and career.

Process to Success

ICPA will continue to support students until they are on the path to success
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    Taster Course & Individual Interview

    First, meet directly with the director of the school in a hands-on course
    We will provide guidance tailored to your personal goals, including an English lesson
    Start from here

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    Introductory to Advanced Course

    Language classes and individual courses for international liberal arts programs ​​start at any time. Groups courses start in September and April. Seasonal courses are also available.

    Course List
  • 3
    ICPA International Certified Instructor Training
    Specialist program

    Turn world-class learning into a successful career and inspire the next generation of world leaders

  • 4
    Certified Salon Management Certified Professional Program

    Thinking of launching your own certified salon? This course provides start-up support, consulting, and management guidance You can launch a salon under your own brand as a sister school of ICPA Teaching business skills to ICPA certified salons

Student Testimonials

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One-Off Course

Information on lectures, seminars, and online seminars
Murata Cecilia Truth

You can take a part of a ICPA program in that can be completed in XNUMX hours
Recommended for those who want to do a short course
For details, see the course categories below.

Weekdays 19: 00-80 minutes online

Murata Cecilia Truth

✔️ Randomly learn all ICPA courses online
✔️ Perfect for the experience
✔️ Gain knowledge little by little
✔️ Online anytime, anywhere
✔️ Apply up to XNUMX days in advance
✔️ Tickets can be purchased

Business English
International manners
International Business
Cross culture
International Protocol

"If you want to learn this, feel free to post in the comments or forums.

Weekdays 20: 30-80 minutes online

Murata Cecilia Truth

✔️ Review what you have learned
✔️ Gain knowledge little by little
✔️ Online anytime, anywhere
✔️ Apply up to XNUMX days in advance
✔️ Tickets can be purchased

Business English
International manners
International Business
Cross culture
International Protocol

"If you want to learn this, feel free to post in the comments or forums.

'' The “key” of true international power Let's build the best self-improvement and affluent society together with true international culture Living with the world
Find your key to your futureʻ
Mari Cecilia Murata Internationally Certified Cross-Culture Expert ICPA Founder / Director
Visiting researcher at SOAS University of London.His research field is language learning.The subject in charge is history, especially dealing with Japanese history from an international perspective.
Professor Lockley Thomas Nihon University School of Law Associate Professor
'' Enrich your mind with the international culture of wine Knowing wine creates international communication May your life be as rich as wine''
'' Etiquette is a small extra that makes everything extraordinary. Experience always tells that what changes people's minds and the world is a small extra that you may offer.``
Elizabeth Ahn CEO of Gloze Global Partner-Korea
“Let's start a journey back to our cultural and social roots and explore the similarities we share.
Matthias Urrisk Founder --Imperial Tours & Events --Global Partner Austria
“In Europe's history, politics and culture have always been linked together, with Vienna
being the heart where momentous decisions were made by sovereigns.``
Paul Tupy Founder --Imperial Tours & Events- Global Partner Austria
“If you are ever unsure about whether something is correct or not, then my golden rule is:'if in doubt, don't.``
William Hanson Executive Director --The English Manner --Global Partner Britain

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