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A thorough explanation of the three genetic reasons and solutions that clumsy Japanese people who want to return "So what?" Do not go well on the international stage.

Japanese people think that they are not good at English, but in fact, their knowledge level is high.Many people are very good at grammar knowledge and vocabulary.However, it doesn't actually come out of my mouth = so I can't communicate because of English = so it's English.This is completely wrong.It hides a genetic effect beyond English proficiency.

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First-class knows "I don't know": Ignorance The essential knowledge for learning is "I don't know"

In learning etiquette and protocols, there are people who do not learn "I know", "I can do it by imitating", "I can read it somewhere", and even teach people.
However, this is dangerous, and by the time you believe that you "know", you will no longer be able to learn, and your wise mind will continue to deteriorate.Information becomes obsolete, and only "longevity" becomes a stake.

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The collapse of the beautiful world "Chivalry / Bushido" lost by the gender flat society Important masculinity and femininity

Gender equality was touted, and in the 21st century, even the word "gender equality" was regarded as "discrimination", and "gender flat" and Japanese-made English came to be used.It is completely out of the question, and even the distinction between men and women, "sexual beauty" and "sexual joy", is lost, sexual desire is made dirty, and it cannot be obedient and confident. The fact is that many young men and women become mentally uneasy.

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Unexpected effects of "confidence" Dopamine and adrenaline can control it when you know brain science

It seems obvious, but in reality, this invisible spiritual "spirit" of "confidence," "motivation," and "happiness" actually moves people.You will be able to exert unprecedented power, activate adrenaline and dopamine, and you will be able to do things that you could not do before.Moreover, it is directly linked to the physical and mental beauty and health.Serotonin is also one of the known substances in the brain.

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A very simple way to improve the coexistence of logic and creativity that is essential in the global society

Have you decided yourself that "I am a logical person, so I have no creativity" and "I am creative, so I am not good at logic"?Many people generally think that logic is calm reasoning and creativity is emotional.I explain that it is a big misunderstanding.
The truth is that logical thinking and creative thinking are not the exact opposite, but by coexisting with each other and supporting each other, the possibilities are endless and realized.It is important not to minimize the possibility of self-brainwashing by deciding that "I am such a person".

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Having "broad thinking" instead of "good boy" who has a fixed thinking will make the best use of oneself and become an international power.

Learning does not mean receiving any information at the desk.Only knowledge can be learned by classroom lectures, and knowledge does not make any sense without experience.That is to "discover" and to find out by yourself, and to "find out" based on what you learned from the instructor and your own thoughts and questions is learning.Beyond that, if you come across a discovery, you will be deeply moved and deeply attached to yourself.

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International sense is in thinking, and international thinking becomes free and happiness sensitivity increases.

"Freedom" is a position where responsibility to oneself is extremely heavy.However, it means that you can be free to your own potential and endless thoughts without any restrictions from others.At international standards, this skill is often asked.This is the reason why the habit of modern Japanese people, who can only do what they are told and cannot think about, does not work in the world.

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