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International Business Cross Culture Program
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World standard business course started in Japan
International Etiquette, Manners & Protocol

How was the international business born?Learn the theory and prepare for the foundation.

The Basics of World History, Japanese History & Cross-Culture

Learn the reasons and theories of what cross-cultural communication is all about.

Making A Lasting First Impression

Dignified, confident and reliable impressions are not just about what you wear, but about how you behave.

Greetings / Introductions / Honorifics

Reliable behavior depends on the correct greetings, referrals, and honorific usage.

Master Confident Body Language

Mastering body language is the basis of success.Posture and standing behavior determine a person's impression.

Effective International Networking

How to behave, what to talk about and when.International networking events have silent rules.

International Standards of Dress Codes

What you are wearing represents that person.What you wear tells you everything and determines the value of the person.

International Event Sponsorship / Invitation (General-VIP)

Hosting an event in business is inevitable for successful people, and promotional events determine success.

International Table Service & Wine Culture

You can earn the trust of wine culture.Knowing the correct table service is essential.

Dinning Etiquette from Around the Globe

Just as entertainment is important in Japan, table manners around the world are an important business tool.

Unspoken International Conversation Rules

You cannot communicate just by speaking English.Knowing the rules of international conversation AZ will make your international business a success.

Effective Public Speaking

How to tell, not what to say.What is an inspirational and memorable way of speaking?There is a knack for public speech.

How to Write International Business Documents & Emails

Learn how to write documents and emails based on international business, international manners, and learn effective writing.

International Business Meetings / Discussions

Positiveness is required.Learn the basics of international conferences and how to meet effectively.

International Business Negotiations

If you get the hang of international negotiations, you can easily get superior conditions.Learn from basic to advanced techniques.

180 countries cross-culture communication

Access international academic data and acquire skills that can be applied to any country based on changing information.

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    Sample Course & Interview

    Directly consult with the director of the academy about what kind of courses you will most benefit from based on your goals. Take a lesson and undergo an interview
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    Introductory to Advanced Course

    Step up from one-off courses focused only on purpose to practical learning Overall basics in beginners, core learning in intermediate, output in advanced Complete comprehensive skills
    Issuance of certificate Overseas training

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    Certified License Program

    Certified International Cross-Culture Specialist, Acquire Professional Skills Aiming to be an individual, company or trainer Certified license is renewed every 5 years.

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    Certified Salon Management / Professional Qualification

    Run an ICPA certified salon
    Receive continuous guidance, and management as an ICPA affiliated school.

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