Business English Program

Recommended preparatory school for the English / Cambridge English test that can be used this time

Business Liberal Arts English Program

Double training for bilingual and native teachers

Overseas language school in Japan

It has become clear in modern times that the English learning method in Japan was almost wrong.

The essence of learning English is not just grammar or conversation, but balanced learning.Unlike Japanese, which is a language full of emotions, English is a rational and theoretical language.People in the world communicate by expressing emotions theoretically in language.

Even if you can only talk with the glue, it will not be able to graduate from Broken English, and you will not be able to speak the language of adults.Even if you can only do grammar, you can't do it if you can't speak.

What is absolutely necessary now in the international community is the basics of this international communication, English and knowledge, tastes, thoughts and skills of international culture.

ICPA systematically teaches international culture and communication, and provides guidance based on the culture and manners of each country.Therefore, you can acquire not only English but also the technique to read the thoughts and feelings hidden behind it.

Having an international sense will facilitate communication regardless of your English level.We will teach you how to learn beautiful English correctly while cultivating an international sense.

Also, even if you are a beginner and learn natively, you will not be able to acquire correct English or well-educated English just as if you were able to do it.Because I can't understand the theory of English.

By having a Japanese teacher teach theory, grammar and detailed skills, and a native teacher teaching practice, you will be able to improve your English more than three times faster, and you will be able to use reliable and dignified English.

Dignity and culture are important for English.Please come and join us for learning English, which is a specialized school for international liberal arts.

ICPA is also a preparatory school for the Cambridge English Examination, a world-class English exam.It allows you to qualify for the Cambridge Eiken exam in Japan, and the C1 level can be used permanently abroad.

Learn English as an international skill of mind at ICPA.

Bilingual and native teachers of international standard English education

ICPA Business English Liberal Arts Program

100 courses from introductory to advanced +

  1. Business English
  2. Business English conversation + English grammar
  3. Business Listening Speaking (Native)
  4. Business reading
  5. Business writing
  6. Current affairs
  7. Business dissertation (native)
  8. Speech / speech
  9. Pronunciation (native)
  10. presentation
  11. Meeting
  12. negotiation
  13. Business English by industry
  14. Preparing for Cambridge Eiken
  15. Exam preparation
  16. International business etiquette

Skill confirmation in Cambridge English exam

We will guide you to the world-class English test

“Liberal arts English is the international business”

Mari Cecilia Murata

International business is only possible with liberal arts English

Master dignity English

Reliable guidance by bilingual and native teachers

ICPA-only academia configuration

First check your global English level

Have your level checked

Cambridge English instruction allows you to diagnose world-class English proficiency


If you start from A2 + -B1, you can aim for one step improvement in one year. Aim for usable business English


If you start from around A2-B1, you will be able to improve your English by one level in a year.


Sample Course & Interview

Help with level check and course selection according to purpose

Internationally accredited school

World Class Executive LEPSW Group Exclusive International Accreditation / Cambridge English Examination Recommendation Organization Preparatory School

World-class leveling

Since it is a world standard, it will definitely improve

English leveling

<General leveling>

  1. Pre A1 Starters: Getting Started
  2. A1 Movers: Beginner XNUMX
  3. A2 Flyers: Beginner XNUMX
  4. A2 Key: Beginner XNUMX
  5. B1 Preliminary: Intermediate XNUMX
  6. B2 First: Intermediate XNUMX
  7. C1 Advanced: Beginner Advanced
  8. C2 Proficiency: Advanced





<Detailed leveling>(Eiken is a guide)

  1. A1-Introduction Eiken 5th grade
  2. A1 Semi-Beginner Eiken Level 4
  3. A1 + Beginner ① Eiken 3rd grade
  4. A2-Beginner ② Eiken 3rd grade-quasi 2nd grade
  5. A2 Elementary ③ Eiken-Semi-second grade
  6. A2 + Beginner / Intermediate ① Eiken-Semi-second grade
  7. B1-Beginner Intermediate ② Eiken Level 2
  8. B1 Beginner Intermediate ③ Eiken Level 2
  9. B1 + Intermediate ① Eiken Level 2
  10. B2-Intermediate ② Eiken Level 2
  11. B2 Intermediate ③ Eiken Level 1
  12. B2 + Semi-advanced Eiken Level 1
  13. C1-Beginner Advanced ① Eiken Level 1
  14. C1 Advanced ② Eiken Level 1
  15. C1 + Advanced ③ Eiken Level 1
  16. C2 expert / native level

Experience an era of world-class English learning

World-class English Cambridge English

Cambridge English offers a unique approach to teaching, learning and evaluating English.The experience and expertise of both the Cambridge University English Examination Organization and the Cambridge University Press are leveraged.Driven by world-class research, we are dedicated to:

Develop English proficiency necessary for real life

Cambridge English is designed to help learners evaluate how they can use English for communication in a variety of real-life situations.Through exam preparation, teachers can teach students communication skills that they can use in their daily lives, work and learning.

Wide range of exams

All Cambridge English complies with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), an international index for language proficiency assessment.We offer a free, quick level check test that allows learners to choose the exam that suits them best.Companies (employers) and educational institutions can easily identify the level of English proficiency they seek, and learners can find the best exams to reach their goals.

Qualifications for work, immigration, study abroad

Over 20,000 universities, businesses (employers) and government agencies around the world have certified Cambridge English. Cambridge English opens the door to higher education institutions, enhances employment opportunities, and expands study and work options. Many Cambridge English exams are available in the following countries for visas and admissions: United Kingdom, Australia, United States and Canada. IELTS (provided by Cambridge English) can also be used for UK visas and immigration applications.

International exams available worldwide:

Cambridge English accepts a variety of English, including American English and British English.The Listening Dest includes various accents from Australia, North America and the United Kingdom. There are more than 130 certification testing centers in more than 2,800 countries.There are more than 52,000 registration centers with exam preparation courses.More than 500 million people take the Cambridge English exam each year.Candidates have the flexibility to choose when, where and how to take the exam.Most exams are available in computer (CB) and paper (PB) versions.

Safety, reliability, fairness:

Cambridge English is designed to be fair to all test takers, regardless of age, gender, nationality, first language or ethnic background. Institutions wishing to use Cambridge English can inquire about their test results using a secure online test result verification service.All centers comply with quality and safety requirements and are regularly reviewed.

Supported by world-class research:

Cambridge English exams, including the Cambridge Eiken, are backed by extensive research by a team of world-class language researchers.As a division of the University of Cambridge, we are committed to sharing best practices and research.

Thorough support:

Cambridge English offers a variety of teaching materials to help you learn effectively and improve your English, including official exam preparation materials, video clips, social media and games.

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