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difficulty: All levels

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Mari Cecilia Murata Mari Cecilia Murata

~ Learning is moving ~ The richness of life is "who you met, what you learned, what you experienced" Let's learn and learn together and be impressed together

ICPA Director

* When applying, please write the desired date and time in the comment section.

Learning is discipline

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Individualized content

This course does not have any sections.

What you can learn in this course

  • Your desired English course experience
  • General English / Business English / Exam Preparation
  • Future learning plan

Since it is excerpted from a part of this course, it is also ideal as an experience of this course

What kind of person is it suitable for?

  • Those who want to "learn" English firmly
  • Those who want to improve their level
  • Those who want to learn grammar and use liberal arts English

You can definitely learn theory and practice with Japanese teachers and local native teachers.

Introductory with online course

After taking the course, you will join the community as a "friend" of ICPA and deepen your learning together.

I want to be able to speak English!

No matter how many lessons I take, I can't improve at all for some reason I don't understand the correct English

Imposingly in a first-class world!

The behavior was recognized, and we invited you to the finest party!You can behave with confidence because you have learned well.

Three Ways to Key to Successful English Learning

Learn from international mind to technology with curriculum and be sure to own it
Thinking ability / speaking ability

Change your progress in English by learning the way of thinking and speaking that are essential on the international stage, and by acquiring "international sense" and "international thinking" more than English.

Learning strategy

In the steps up to AZ, you will surely learn steadily and in order, understand one by one, input and build yourself.

Cambridge English Exam

ICPA is a preparatory school for Cambridge Eiken.Not only learning, but checking your current abilities and gaining confidence with a world-class English test

Programaming Logic

You can definitely master grammar and acquire speaking ability

Speaking power

Speaking improves because you understand how it works

Japanese and native teachers

Practicing reasoning natively from Japanese

What you can do with ICPA for global standard education

The highest international standard education that can only be obtained with ICPA has a perfect system

Level up

Step by step learning of international standards

4 levels from introductory to advanced ・ Specialist certification qualification The test is 12 levels. Learn each item in the curriculum, check with your homework, and acquire while clarifying your weaknesses and strengths. Certificate issued


Consultation anytime

Before starting, after getting started, before the course, during the course, etc., consult with the teacher each time and decide the future policy. You can send personal messages online and receive feedback even during the course. Consulting that you can continue with confidence even if you get stuck on the way.


Grow with friends

Equipped with a social learning system! !!Learn online, not alone, but with teachers, interact with teachers, interact with fellow learners, learn together, and improve each other. Learning can be improved more with everyone than with one person.

Let's experience it!

Through the experience, we will listen carefully to future goals and propose future learning methods.

* When applying, please write the desired date and time in the comment section.

ICPA Director

Internationally recognized certified teacher

Live and visit all over the world and learn and gain experience in cultural and cross-cultural skills from your own experience.Fascinated by British culture, after returning to Japan, he took a management position at a global company, returned to the UK to learn more systematic international skills and international protocols while gaining team management and management experience as a manager, and returned to the UK for international certification. After taking the course, he set up Japan's first international protocol, international liberal arts, and language school.

Recognized for his charismatic leadership, he is in charge of major ICPA courses, English courses, and company dispatch as a popular instructor.He teaches Japanese culture and manners to foreigners and plays an active role as a bridge between Japan and the world.

From the strong desire to teach excellent Japanese people the skills to succeed internationally and improve this society, we also provide a way for students to become instructors, issue certifications, and provide management support. To do.

The students are enthusiastic, saying, "A master of behavior. A wonderful teacher who is strict but full of enthusiasm and affection."



Let's listen to the students' voices

"I was confident!" I really feel the unwavering power of having such valuable learning.
It was a lecture on scales from the eyes. The TOEIC score has increased steadily, and I can now practice it at work!

Ms. Maka Hatato

Secretary of the president of a major company

I thought that it was a necessary skill to take leadership that there were so many things I didn't know.

After experiencing Tomohisa Yamashita


I felt like I knew what I didn't know and what I didn't expect.I want to be a person who can follow people from now on.

Takayuki Sugimoto (29) Introduction


Process to success

There is also a system that can surely handle systematic international standard learning
  • 1
    Sample Course

    Consultation on lesson experience and future efforts in the experience course

  • 2
    Decide on a Course

    Determine a course that suits your individual purpose Can be changed during the course Select the most effective method Learn theory with a Japanese instructor and practice with a native instructor

  • 3
    Certification test

    Guide you to the Cambridge English Exam with each step up Gain confidence with the world-class English Exam

  • 4

    Interviews are held regularly to teach students how to learn reliably while checking their progress and how to learn in the future.


Please feel free to ask

1. It says online, but do you accept face-to-face meetings?

We also accept face-to-face meetings.Prices are slightly different.

2. Where can I find the price?

You can check it from the application button.

3. Can I cancel my application?

No refund will be given for cancellation of application after payment.

4. What are the terms and privacy policy?

5. Is it possible to apply in groups?

Of course it is possible.If you apply as a group, you can get a discount, so please take advantage of it.

6. Is there a discount?

When you become a student, you will be given a discount.Promotion Systemfor more information.

7. What are the characteristics of the ICPA English course?

First of all, if you have an international sense and an internationally accredited director's course, you can learn more than English and acquire an international sense.At the same time, you will be able to understand grammar firmly in Japanese, and you will naturally acquire sentence structure.By practicing with a native teacher, you will be able to gain confidence.

8. Which do you recommend, online or face-to-face?

Face-to-face is recommended because you can actually read the atmosphere.Online is also recommended for language learning, such as taking notes online and taking less time to travel.All improvements are just as possible.

9. Can I receive it even in the distance?

You can take classes online.Please be assured.

10. Is it possible to record / record?

All of our courses are recorded without permission, and all recordings are in violation of the rules.

~ Learning is moving ~ The richness of life is "who you met, what you learned, what you experienced" Let's learn and learn together Let's be impressed by everyone ICPA Director

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