Authentic learning journey

British Culture and Protocol Journey

Viennese Culture and High Society Journey

A noble journey to enrich your life

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With a trusted partner based locally

Many places that can be visited only if there is a special local connection.Enjoy a "journey with friends" with a small number of people
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Aristocratic cultural experience

A special tour customized exclusively for ICPA, with local etiquette protocols and a supper with royalty

Local cultural activities

During the guide to local cultural activity events, there are also meetings that you can not enter without local information

Local expert

All travel agencies and instructors are qualified and experienced experts, so you can rest assured. With an interpreter, you can rest assured.

Local lesson

Taking etiquette protocol lessons locally Further brush up by learning locally Acquire culture along with your trip

British Royal Protocol Learning Journey

Guide to the Royal Tour of the UK A special project with The English Manner, presided over by Her Majesty's former Household

1. British tradition

2. British Formal Afternoon Tea

Of course, Britain is afternoon tea

3. UK activities

Royal Ascot, royal events, etc.

4. Next appointment


The Platinum Jubilee of The Queen

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Austrian culture's highest peak "learning trip"

The pinnacle of premium learning trips Get the best education through Austrian culture and aristocratic experiences Held every June Special event with Imperial Tours & Events

1. Travel schedule

"Learning Journey" can be enjoyed in a spacious space with 6-8 VIP tours.

2. High Society Activities

Western aristocrats enjoy not only socializing but also hunting and shooting.Of course, wine and music are all educated and I'm looking forward to it.

3. Best expert

Learning from local experts is a valuable experience to further spread knowledge

4. Schedule for 2022

May 2022, 5 from Tokyo Narita

May 2022, 5 Arrival at Tokyo Narita

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