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International standard interpersonal skills and social skills are developed and evaluated at work

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We provided in-depth training in global etiquette and customs around the world

International Protocol Accreditation Association Certification Preparation

Complete preparation for certification exams conducted by the International Protocol Accreditation Association as an exclusive accredited affiliated school

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UK Certified International Etiquette Program
The Finishing Touch

UK Certification Program
Learn essential skills & knowledge to thrive in Japan
Enrich your daily life with confidence

"International Gentlemanship " for men The Polished Gentleman

International Etiquette, Manners & Protocol

Understand why international etiquette continues to play a vital role in society today.

World History & Japanese History & Culture

This course examines human development from the dawn of civilization to the present day. Students will learn about the socioeconomic conditions, political institutions, and ideological attitudes that have marked various time periods throughout history

Lasting First Impressions

How we communicate has a profound effect on our professional image, career and personal life. Learn to make positive and lasting first impressions

The Art of Self Introductions

When it comes to international exchanges, there are implicit rules when introducing people. Learn about unspoken social rules, behaviours, how to greet others and knowing which appropriate title to use when referring others.

Elegant Poise & Posture

Mastering the art of better posture can have a profoundly positive effect on all aspects of your life. If you show the world that you expect great things, you are more likely to receive them.

Effective Networking

Most people get very nervous at networking events and struggle to connect with people. This course will help grow your confidence, build real relationships and maximize your networking potential at international events.

Dress Codes & First Impressions

Make the best first impression. Look like the best version of you on all occasions. Participants will learn basic wardrobe items and accessories.

Hosting Events with Grace & Elegance

Learn the essentials to hosting a successful event from staff management, writing invites, setting dress codes and more

International Table Service & Wine Culture

Wine education is a must.With the right table service and the right wine knowledge, you can enjoy the best hospitality anytime, anywhere.

Dinning Etiquette

Dining etiquette is more than just knowing which knife and fork to use. Students will be taught the entirety of the dining experience. From the history of table manners, how to sit at the table, use the napkin, the place setting, how to use utensils, and hold the various types of glasses.

The Art of Conversation

Understand the rules of international conversation and hold transformative conversations that spark interest

The Fundamentals of Elegant Public Speaking

Learn to write and deliver a compelling speech that captures the attention of all in the room

How to Write Sophisticated Letters & Emails

Knowledge necessary for international correspondence such as how to write invitations and letters, paper, letters, envelopes, misunderstandings, differences in correspondence depending on formalism, tastes of the recipient, etc.

British Culture & Royal Protocol

Understanding British protocol leads to effective global communication. This course covers history, VIP events, aristocratic classes, honorific titles, medals, etc.

Experience A Beloved British Tradition: Afternoon Tea

Learn about the history of afternoon tea, different styles, cultures, how to eat elegantly, conversation, appropriate wardrobe, table manners, and world-changing tea customs.

International Etiquette for Formal Occasions

Country gifts, wrapping, napkin folding, bar etiquette, online "netiquette", flowers, ladies and gentlemen's knowledge

Intermediate Level

Further your learning with more in-depth courses and hands-on experiences

Middle Eastern Dinning Etiquette

[Intermediate] Understand the vastly different cultures and manners of the Middle East and expand your mindset to new horizons

Wine Culture & Etiquette

[Intermediate] A basic knowledge of wine and wine etiquette is an important social activity.

Sports & Entertainment Etiquette

[Intermediate] Manners such as dance, horse riding, tennis, golf, and art appreciation

Confidence & Deportment for Ladies

Deportment is about having elegance, grace, poise and high self-esteem. A confidence is emitted from the way you stand, walk and sit. It can also help you look youthful and vibrant. Learn how to behave like a woman of class

Manners for Western Ceremonial Occasions

[Intermediate] Learn Western wedding and funeral etiquette with a focus on British culture.

Body Language & Communication Science

[Intermediate] Learn the fundamentals of body language and how it can affect your relationships

Overseas Expert Guidance

[Intermediate] You can acquire a more practical and international sense by receiving direct guidance from overseas experts (with an interpreter).

Beginner Course Details

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    Sample Course & Interview

    Directly consult with the director of the school, such as the balance with your own purpose, through hands-on lectures and interviews.
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    Sample Course & Interview
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    Introductory to Advanced Course

    Step up from one-off courses focused only on purpose to practical learning Basics for beginners, core for intermediate, output for advanced
    Issuance of certificate Overseas training

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    Certification Program

    Certified International Manners Specialist Acquires Professional Skills Certified License Renews Every 5 Years Full Backup Support

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    Certified Salon Management / Professional Qualification

    Run an ICPA certified salon
    Receive continuous guidance, and management as an ICPA affiliated school.

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