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“When I become more beautiful than I am now” “When I become more beautiful than now” “When I become a person recognized in the world”

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Learning international etiquette is the most important thing in the world of diversity, and by acquiring courtesy, mind, knowledge and culture, you will not make the other person feel uncomfortable, make mistakes without knowing it, or make it a big problem. Instead, it makes oneself beautiful and self-confident.

International standards, especially in Europe and the United States, where advanced education is provided, learning international manners and international culture is not limited to the skills, but also leads to the spirit of respect and understanding of others, and only improves skills. Rather, it is an epic learning that gives you a richness of mind and a sense of happiness that you can get from your own free thinking.

The ICPA International Liberal Arts Manners Program conveys this as a program.

Gain intelligence, beauty and self-confidence and enrich your life.

A higher-grade program with world-class professional instructors certified by the world

ICPA International Liberal Arts Manners Program

Starts once a year (beginners start in April)

  1. Introductory 5 hours (optional experience)
  2. Beginner 30 hours
  3. Intermediate 35 hours
  4. Advanced 35 hours 
  5. Certification 56 hours: Professional teacher training ICPA original textbook
  6. Expert certification Expert training
  7. Certified salon system Management support
  8. UK training 7-10 days
  9. English Classes
  • There is also an individual course that can be customized individually by selecting the required part from the course list below.
  • English Course: If you have English skills, the speed of career advancement will change significantly.

Skill confirmation in the certification exam

International Protocol Certification Association-Get ranks with IPAA certification

Students' Testimonials

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It was a much more powerful study than the beginners.In my fourth year as a member of society, when I was worried about how to interact with foreigners when the company did business overseas, I was destined to meet ICPA.I spent a year learning the culture of international etiquette manners from beginner to advanced.After learning, I realized that it is very meaningful to study the culture of international etiquette manners at the ICPA International Accredited International Skills Protocol College from three perspectives.

In response to this situation, ICPA is aware of the problem and is also focusing on providing learning opportunities from young people.Learning etiquette and etiquette cannot be achieved overnight.I feel that an environment where you can teach from an early stage as a skill that will be useful for a long time in the future is valuable.

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Beginner completion video

Intermediate completion video


Rika Kinoshita (26 office worker)

Video playback

Of course, it is recommended for people like me who are worried about communication with foreigners, and also for people who are originally confident in Western etiquette and communication, it is a good opportunity to check their skills. I think it will be.

Since each man and woman has a role, both women and men can learn about the content of the course.
That knowledge will surely become an advantage at some point.

In this course, especially in individual courses, we will be close to each and every one of us, and the teacher will give us accurate learning and encourage us to gain confidence. I would like to recommend it to those who want to shine.

Thank you again for your wonderful learning.

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Letter video

SY (32 years old)

“Get True Beauty”

Mari Cecilia Murata

gain beauty and confidence

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door to new self

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Tailored Guidance
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Complete program / certification test from beginner to expert

Starting in April Eligible for certification exams conducted by the International Protocol Accreditation Association


Professional Program / Certified Salon Management Consulting

After gaining experience as a specialist, launched a certified salon Entrepreneurship support, consulting, management guidance

Japan's only internationally accredited school

World Class Executive LEPSW Group Exclusive International Accreditation / International Protocol Accreditation Association-IPAA Exclusive Accreditation Partner ICPA


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