ICPA Social Club Membership Agreement

Article XNUMX (Scope of application of this agreement)

This agreement stipulates the membership qualification of the ICPA Social Club (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by ICPA International Protocol Co., Ltd.Only this agreement applies to this service.

Article XNUMX (Purpose)

 The purpose of this service is for ICPA Group students to utilize their learning and put it into practice, and for guest members to participate in the event and create connections between people through socializing and culture.In addition, ICPA course graduates can be recognized as ICPA contribution students and receive discounts as members by continuing their membership.If you do not continue, you will not receive the online badge and you will not be able to receive the discount.

Article XNUMX (Admission examination)

XNUMX To become a member of this service, take a course of the ICPA group, or if you are an outsider, apply for it and then perform the prescribed admission examination.After the examination, only those who have been approved by us can become members.

XNUMX After approving the application, we will keep the prescribed initial fee.

Article XNUMX (Services provided)

XNUMX This service member can participate in the events that we provide to this service member.

XNUMX Participation in the event requires a separate participation fee set for each event.

Article XNUMX (Notice)

Information such as event information will be sent to the e-mail address you declared and posted on the website.

Article XNUMX (Trouble between members)

If a problem occurs with another member, please resolve it by an appropriate method such as discussing with the other member.We are not involved in resolving the trouble.

Article XNUMX (About membership fee)

XNUMX Members must pay the prescribed membership fee by the deadline.

XNUMX Members must pay the prescribed membership fee even if the contract is canceled or withdrawn during the contract period, and the membership fee received will not be refunded for any reason.

Article XNUMX (Prohibited matters)

Members must not do the following:

 ① Disclosure of other members' photos, videos, and personal information without permission

 ③ Relentlessly solicit and sell to other members

 ④ Acting as abusive, violent, or annoying to other members

 ⑤ Interfering with our business

 ⑥ Do not follow the repeated guidance and cautions from our company

 ⑦ Other words and actions that are not suitable for ladies and gentlemen, regardless of whether or not they are using our services

Article XNUMX (Membership period and renewal examination)

 This service membership is valid for one year from the first day of the month when the application is approved.

XNUMX To renew your service membership, you must undergo a renewal examination in advance.In the renewal examination, according to the purpose of this service, not only the behavior when participating in various events but also the relationship with other members will be taken into consideration.Only members who have passed the renewal examination can renew their membership.

XNUMX If the service membership is renewed, you can become a member for another year.

Article XNUMX (Forced withdrawal)

 The Company may withdraw the member for the following reasons.

 ① When the member violates this agreement

 ② When the facts corresponding to Article XNUMX are found after joining

 (XNUMX) When any other serious reason that makes it difficult to continue this contract occurs

Article XNUMX (Those who cannot be members)

 We do not accept applications for those who fall under any of the following.However, this does not apply if there is a declaration to that effect at the time of application for membership and the Company approves it.

  ① Those whose main purpose is solicitation / sales

  ② Those who have been forcibly withdrawn from other organizations / services in the past

  ③ Those who have a criminal record / history

  ④ Those who belong to antisocial forces

Article XNUMX (Exclusion of antisocial forces)

Members are gangsters, gangsters, those who have not been a gangster for less than five years, associate members of gangsters, companies affiliated with gangsters, general assembly houses, social movements, political movements, special intelligence gangs, and half. Gure group (meaning a group that repeats crimes without belonging to a gangster group such as a runaway group) or its related persons (including groups related to the half-gure group) and other persons equivalent to these (hereinafter collectively referred to as "anti-society") We have stated to the other party that we are not a "target force") and that we do not fall under any of the following items, and we must not fall under any of the following items in the future.

(XNUMX) Having a relationship that is deemed to have used antisocial forces unfairly, such as for the purpose of gaining the wrongful profits of oneself, the company or a third party, or for the purpose of damaging a third party.

(XNUMX) Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to antisocial forces.

③ Having a relationship that should be socially criticized with antisocial forces.

④ Having a relationship that is recognized as having transactions with antisocial forces or companies and organizations related to antisocial forces

2 Members assure that they will not perform any of the following acts by themselves or by using a third party.

① Violent demands

② Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility

③ Acts of threatening behavior or using violence regarding transactions

④ Disseminating rumors, using counterfeiting or power, damaging the credibility of the other party or interfering with the other party's business

⑤ Other acts equivalent to the previous items

Article XNUMX (Revision of Terms)

 The Company may change this agreement without the consent of each member to the extent that it does not violate the laws of Japan.

Article XNUMX (Exclusive jurisdiction)

 Disputes regarding this agreement between the Company and its members shall be governed by Japanese law, and the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.