Social Club for practicing to hone beauty, intellect, and culture
Recognized as an ICPA member and honed with wonderful colleagues who continue to study

ICPA Social Club

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Improve your culture from anywhere in the world

Study sessions, social gatherings, practical events
Meeting for students to play an active role

Overseas culture tour

UK study trip / Vienna culture learning trip

Practical contest

Speech / English / Culture / Culture Contest

Charity activities

Planning charity activities as social contribution activities Bringing the profits of the event to social contribution

Only those who practice beauty, intellect, and culture can rise high.

ICPA only evaluates those who practice and those who act


Students are required to join.


ICPA evaluates those who act and practice.

This is a meeting for students who have studied at ICPA group schools to practice. Students will be recognized as students with this Social Club membership and will receive various benefits.

Beyond that, by having the recognition and feeling that you are an ICPA student, you can continue learning responsibly for yourself and others.

It is a beautiful meeting that invites guests and the participants work together to create it.

You can become a member even if you are not a student.

All of the following associations have membership access rights.

  • ICPA Social Club
  • Association
  • The Elegance Academy
  • Various events
  • All online groups (English, culture, culture)

Membership conditions / terms

Membership registration is required for ICPA students.With this membership, you can get badges and get discounts.

Members will be interviewed if they are acquainted by introduction / invitation system or if they are new.If we judge that it is not suitable for the member, that there is a violation, or that it will hinder future operations, we will thoroughly ask you to withdraw from the membership. Membership Agreement

PayPal payment

The payment method is card registration and then automatic payment.If you withdraw from the membership, you will not be eligible for the discount.

Charity activities

It is currently in preparation.We are looking for recommendations.

Procedure process

ICPA group students are required to join. External people can also join by following the procedure below.
  • 1
    Member Application

    Please proceed to the form from the button, fill in the required items, and send.If you do not receive the confirmation email, please let us know.Please be sure to read the terms.

    Membership registration
  • 2
    Invoice issuance / card payment

    An invoice will be issued by email.Please register your card.Card payment only.After that, an annual membership fee will be charged for each difficulty.When withdrawing from the membership, please notify the withdrawal and cancel the card payment.

  • 3
    Invite to the desired group

    We invite you to the platform of the ICPA Group website.Join your favorite group.The event will be held at the ICPA Social Club, so participation is required.

  • 4
    The activity begins!

    Join us online, face-to-face, or at your favorite party.The more you contribute, the more benefits you will receive.

Annual fee

Admission fee: 24,000 ICPA group students include the first year and the annual membership fee is half price
Event member discount
Candidate for support member
Event announcement
Access to premium events
Gold badge as a contributing member
Promotion on the site
Supporter registration / co-sponsor
VIP registration / sponsor registration
\24,000 \100
Half price up to ICPA / TEA student 2023per year
\120,000 \200
Yearper year
VIP Sponsor
\500,000~ \500
biteper year


Practice learning at ICPA Group events

Various speech contests

Please check the schedule and guidelines of the contest before entering, including checking the required courses.

From a 1-minute pitch to a 20-minute public speaking, the conditions vary depending on the contest.

The types of speech contests include:

  • Programmes
  • International Business
  • English

Various treatise contests

Please check the schedule and guidelines of the contest before entering, including checking the required courses.

The requirements will vary depending on the contest, such as an essay or presentation.

Types of treatise contests

  • International Culture (Japanese)
  • International Business (Japanese)
  • English

Cultural entertainment contest

Please check the schedule and guidelines of the contest before entering, including checking the required courses.

The contents of the contest will vary, such as Japanese culture, performing arts, Western culture, dancing, singing, and costumes.

About study session

Study Sessions offer a variety of learning opportunities and activities including:

  • In-Depth Discussions
  • Friendly Debates
  • History & Cultural Lectures
  • The chance to be part of an International Liberal Arts Study Group

Learning journey

Expand your knowledge with a trip to Japan and abroad

  • Journey to learn in-depth about European history & culture
  • Take part in a British etiquette trip
  • Attend the infamous Royal Ascot and other UK seasonal events
  • Studying abroad

Notice in newsletter

What is ICPA Social Club?

The ICPA Social Club is a Social Club where everyone in the ICPA Group and anyone who wants to enter this social circle can become a member.

You can improve yourself further by continuing to learn, practicing, and sharing with others.

  • ICPA / TEA students are required to join.
  • ICPA graduates can also secure online badges with membership and receive various discounts.
  • Regardless of whether you participate in the event or not, you will be recognized as a "member" = "ICPA contribution student".
  • The annual membership fee is used as an administrative fee, system usage fee, management fee, and arrangement fee, and the amount is subject to change.

Where can I take lessons?

ICPA offers a wide variety of lessons and courses. If there is a contest you are interested in participating in, we can offer customized courses to individuals that meet contest requirements.

What happens when I win a prize?

Awards will be given at the performance and awards ceremony which is held annually.

What is a social gathering?

A social gathering is a party where people gather and enjoy each other's company and is often guided a fixed dress code. It is the perfect place to practise your newly gained social etiquette knowledge while making new friends and memories.


Please contact us by email and cancel your next card payment.Students will expire their online badges and discounts at that time.You can continue to take the certification exams and courses under normal conditions.