Internationally accredited International Protocol Academy of Japan
Founder / Chief Director
Mari Cecilia Murata

ICPA International Protocol Co., Ltd.
UK School Certified International Lecturer
International Business Cross Culture Specialist
International / Japanese Protocol Expert


  • Certified International Cross-Culture Specialist
  • Certified International Social Etiquette Specialist
  • Certified International Business Etiquette Specialist
  • Completed instructor training by Japan Protocol Manners Association
  • Minding Manners International / The International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London International Cross-Culture Professional Qualification
  • George Brown College / Diplomat of Business & Technology – Cornerstone College in Toronto International Business
  • English teacher training course completion teacher (various English qualifications, study abroad completion)
  • General itinerary management qualification
  • Study and experience culture and history through domestic and overseas tour guides
  • Study abroad in Toronto, Canada Obtained International Business Technology Diploma
  • Employment in Toronto, Canada Travel agency Learning and employment
  • Employment in London, England Travel agency Culture and History Research Employment
  • Base management at an Australian company in Tokyo
    Achieve the best results in the world: continue to contract with foreign companies
    The secret is cross-cultural technology and international communication skills
  • Teaching history:
    English Education: From individual, corporate, elementary, junior high and high school, university, general to business English
    International Protocol education: For individuals and businesses, social and business

Born in the Yamate area of ​​Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the fourth daughter of five brothers and sisters, whose father is a government official and the mother of a former Japan Airlines original employee.The family contributes to education, research, and the nation, and the family receives a thorough Western education based on Catholic teaching.Compulsory education, Sunday school at a church school, studying at a tutor, moral education, and the work of my father's doctoral university professor who served as the deputy director of the Institute of Science and Police, Police Agency, transferred to Thailand as an elementary school student, with Japan Living in a different culture Under parents who have experience living in Europe, grew up in a family that incorporates European life and thinking, and receives a Western-style education. At the age of 5, he obtained the university entrance qualification test.Obtained a general itinerary management qualification, worked, and studied and experienced culture and history in international and overseas tour guides.Study abroad in Toronto, Canada Learn international business, get a job in Toronto, Canada Work for a travel agency.Employed in London, England Travel agency Culture and History Research Employed.Managed by an Australian company in Tokyo.Achieve world-class results: The secret is cross-culture skills.International Social Etiquette Specialist Certification International Business Etiquette Specialist Certification in London, UK and become an expert. Became an expert with International Cross Culture Specialist certification.Completed instructor training for the Japan Protocol Association.Established IDC. International Co., Ltd. and operates The International Cross-Culture® Protocol Academy of Tokyo, The International Etiquette Dance Academy of Tokyo, and The International Social Culture Club.As Japan's only UK-certified comprehensive international skills training specialist and international communication specialist, he is the managing representative and director of the International Cross-Culture® Protocol Academy of Tokyo.
He is familiar with international sense and knowledge, has experience and achievements, precedes cross-cultural communication education in Japan, and teaches necessary abilities in international exchange, international business exchange, and diplomacy.IDC. International Co., Ltd. changed its name to ICPA International Liberal Arts Protocol Co., Ltd. in August 2020.

Greetings from principal

On this occasion,ICPA Int'Protocol Co., Ltd.Is the World's Protocol Executive GroupLeading Etiquette & Protocol Schools of the WorldBecame the only member of Japan.

here,thatAs the principal of the school, I would like to introduce myself and the process leading up to the establishment of this school.

I grew up in Yamate, Yokohama, an international city in Japan, and have lived surrounded by people from all over the world.My parents lived in Germany and other places and had a lot of international experience.Also, the Yamate district has been a very international region since the Meiji era, and probably because of this, my family lived mainly surrounded by Western culture.My big aunt is the director of a private kindergarten attached to the Catholic Church in Yokohama.40Dedicated most of his life for over a year, his rigorous educational style has been passed down to my family.

From an early age, I had a dream of "I wish the world was one."When I was a student, I was skeptical about the Japanese education system, especially English education at school, and I had a tutor.I felt a sense of mission and had a strong ambition to "see the world."

Since I became an adult, I have jumped out into the world and experienced various things.

It was very disappointing that people couldn't interact with each other beyond the language and cultural barriers, but I continued to believe that there must be a solution.

Even if the country changes, people are people, so if we understand each other, recognize each other, and truly coexist on the earth, we have come to think that we can build a better world.

As a result of accumulating various international experiences and sensibilities, studying and researching, I found the "key" and truly ""Cross-CultureHas begun to be introduced in Japanese.

I am truly proud to be able to offer such a unique program along with my own research results.

Different countries and cultures have different ways of thinking, but the emotions that remain in human hearts remain the same.Acquiring cross-cultural communication skills is a very important international ability, but at the same time it gives confidence, dreams and hopes at the individual level and makes life shine in the true sense of the word.

We will work and guide in good faith to spread the wonders of this learning in Japan and make Japan a more world-recognized country.

In addition, international culture will convey Japanese culture to Japan and the world together with the world's best partners.

We sincerely hope that our students will lead a deeper and more fruitful life based on these skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Founder of ICPA Int’ Protocol Co., Ltd. - Internationally accredited

Mari Cecilia Murata

Make students' dreams come true

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