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A protocol is a ritual decided based on agreements between nations.
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International Certification-International Protocol Program

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First-class diplomatic rituals for the international community
International Etiquette, Manners & Protocol

Learn how to navigate high-profile encounters with style. You will learn the written and unwritten rules of international etiquette, manners and protocol. Topics include all key conventions, rules, customs, norms and cross-cultural variations.

Protocol History, Religion, Cultural Diplomacy History & Tradition

Participants will gain a valid insight into the history of protocol and the importance of showing respect for other cultures. This course will also cover religious protocols, and cultural history.

Protocol Officer

Students will learn what defines a good protocol officer, which role he/she plays in relation to communication and policy officers, and how can he/she make a difference and positive impact with public appearances?

Flags, Medals & Social Rankings

Students will learn the appropriate way to display country flags, laws, customer and observances, how to show proper respect during national anthems and determine flag and logo precedence.

Protocol For Visiting Foreign Countries, Meetings & Negotiations

When you visit another country, you will learn the implicit rules of meetings and negotiations, and the differences between countries.

International Protocol Diplomatic Hosts and Guests

The protocol is diplomacy, and diplomacy requires the most social power.It is also a role to fulfill the roles of host and guest.

International Protocol Dress Code

Knowing the dress code on the protocol is important when visiting and inviting state guests.

State Guests, Ceremonies & VIP Receptions

Learn how to successfully organize and run ceremonies, and receptions with state guests present.

Multicultural Dining Protocol

Being able to have a proper dinner with any country in the world is also an essential protocol skill.

Diplomatic Letters, Emails & Invitation Protocols

The protocol consists of diplomatic letter rules, email rules, invitation rules, all of which are rules.

Diplomatic protocol conversation

Diplomatic conversations require great care.Master diplomatic rituals, improve protocol conversations, and facilitate smoother international affairs

Diplomatic Public Speaking

Diplomatic public speech cannot fail on behalf of a country or company. Learn to project a confident and reliable image while delivering a diplomatic public speech that gives a strong impression.

Global Leadership

What is Global Leadership?Familiarity with the protocol is the minimum requirement to be a global leader.

Royal, Aristocratic & Imperial Royal Protocol

Essential knowledge for learning the protocol of royal, aristocratic, and the imperial royal family.

Media Diplomacy & Technology

In the age of technology, diplomacy has become commonplace through the media.

Global Diplomatic Protocol

To facilitate diplomatic communication with 180 countries around the world, it is necessary to understand the protocols of the world.

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