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 ICPA course

(the purpose)

Article XNUMX This provision refers to the International Cross Culture and Protocol Academy of Japan (hereinafter referred to as "ICPA") operated by ICPA International Protocol Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). It stipulates the rights and obligations of the Company and the students when taking the course.

(Course procedure)

Article XNUMX Those who wish to take the course shall apply for the ICPA course when they submit the application documents and pay the tuition fee in accordance with the provisions of the Company.

XNUMX The student shall become a student if the Company approves the application for the course.


Article XNUMX The Company will notify the students to the contact information provided by the students at the time of application.

XNUMX If the contact information provided by the student at the time of application changes, he / she must promptly notify the Company.

(Providing a course)

Article XNUMX The Company will provide students with courses in accordance with the contents of each ICPA course specified separately.

XNUMX We will determine the date and time when the course will be held.

XNUMX Even if the course is decided by the Company, the start date can be changed due to natural disasters, sudden illness of the instructor, etc.

(If you are absent)

Article XNUMX If a student is absent from a course, the student must take the course that provides the content of the course again.

XNUMX. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the student must pay the tuition fee separately in accordance with the provisions of the Company.

XNUMX If a student is late for the course for XNUMX minutes or more or leaves early, it will be deemed to be absent.


Article XNUMX Students must not do the matters specified in the following items.

① Be late for the start time of the course or leave before the end time

② Absence of the course without any contact with us

③ Disclose photos, videos, and personal information of other students without permission

④ Acting as abusive, violent, or annoying to other students

⑤ Disclose the text used in the course to a third party

⑥ To offer a course related to the course to a third party regardless of whether it is paid or free

⑦ Interfering with our business

(Exclusion of antisocial forces) 

Article XNUMX Students are substantive to themselves / employees (including employees, advisors, temporary employees, contract employees, part-time workers, part-time workers, etc.), their agents / mediators, their major investors, and management. Five years from the time when a person involved in, a subcontractor or a subcontractor (including all of the subcontractors or subcontractors when there are several) is no longer a gangster, a gangster, or a gangster. Those who have not passed, gangster associate members, gangster affiliated companies, general assembly shops, social movement mark goro, political movement mark goro, special intelligence gangsters, half-gray groups (groups that repeat crimes without belonging to gangsters such as runaway tribes) ) Or its related persons (including groups related to the half-gray group) and other equivalent persons (hereinafter collectively referred to as "anti-social forces"), and any of the following items We will declare to the other party that this is not the case, and promise that it will not be the case in the future.

(XNUMX) Having a relationship in which antisocial forces are recognized as controlling management.

(XNUMX) Having a relationship in which antisocial forces are deemed to be substantially involved in management.

(XNUMX) Having a relationship that is deemed to have used antisocial forces unfairly, such as for the purpose of gaining the wrongful profits of oneself or a third party or for the purpose of damaging a third party.

(XNUMX) Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to antisocial forces.

⑤ Having a relationship that should be socially criticized with antisocial forces.

⑥ If you are doing business with antisocial forces or companies and organizations related to antisocial forces

Have a recognized relationship

(Notice of cancellation)

Article XNUMX Students may apply for cancellation of the course contract at any time.

(Forced cancellation)

Article XNUMX If a student falls under any of the following items, the Company may cancel the contract with the student.

① When there is false content in the items to be declared at the time of application for attendance

② When a student violates this regulation

③ When there is a serious act contrary to public order and morals, regardless of whether or not you are taking the course

④ When the other party has made a serious negligence or betrayal.

⑤ When any other serious reason that makes it difficult to continue this contract occurs.

(Refund policy)

Article XNUMX The Company shall not refund the tuition fees paid, except when it is the responsibility of the Company.

(Compensation for damages)

Article XNUMX If a student violates this provision, he / she must compensate for any damages (including attorney's fees) caused to the Company.

6 If a student violates Article XNUMX (XNUMX) to (XNUMX), he / she must pay XNUMX million yen as compensation for damages.In this case, if the Company suffers damages exceeding XNUMX million yen, compensation shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

(Survival of effect)

Article XNUMX The provisions of Articles XNUMX and XNUMX shall not lose their effect even after the termination of this contract due to the completion, cancellation, cancellation, etc. of all courses.

(Revision of rules)

Article XNUMX The Company may revise this provision at any time to a reasonable extent.

(Exclusive jurisdiction)

Article 1 The governing law of this provision is Japanese law, and the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.



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