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International Liberal Arts Gentlemanship Program
The Polished Gentleman

UK Certification Program
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A Japanese-centered course arranged for Japanese people. The Finishing Touch (international culture and etiquette course) is also very popular.Gentlemen's study book is being published

What Is International Gentlemanship?

Do gentlemen still have a place in today’s world? And if so, what are the attributes that go together to make a true gentleman? Learn about continued importance of poise and manners in today's society

World & Japanese History & Culture

Understand the fundamental differences between Japan and the continent.

Lasting First Impressions of a Gentleman

How we communicate has a profound effect on our professional image, career and personal life. Learn to make an impression of dignity, confidence and reliability.

The Art of Self Introductions

When it comes to international exchanges, there are implicit rules when introducing people. Learn about unspoken social rules, behaviours, how to greet others and knowing which appropriate title to use when referring others.

A Gentlemen's Body Language & Communication Science

How one holds their posture and standing determines a man from a gentleman.

Socializing at International Events

Most people get very nervous at networking events and struggle to connect with people. This course will help grow your confidence, build real relationships and maximize your networking potential at international events.

The Gentleman's International Dress Code

What an individual chooses to wear tells everything and determines the value of a person. A gentleman is a gentleman even if he is not dressed to the nines. Learn basic wardrobe items and accessories of a gentleman

Hosting Classy International Events

Hosting an event is inevitable for successful people.It is also a gentleman's job to know the rules for hosting the correct event and invitations.

International Table Service & Wine Culture

Wine education is the most essential for gentlemen.With the right table service and the right wine knowledge, behave like a gentleman anytime, anywhere.

Elegant Dinning Etiquette for a Gentleman

Dining etiquette is more than just knowing which knife and fork to use. Students will be taught the entirety of the dining experience. From the history of table manners, how to sit at the table, use the napkin, the place setting, how to use utensils, and hold the various types of glasses.

The International Conversation Guide for Gentlemen

Understand the rules of international conversation and hold transformative conversations that spark interest

Making International Public Speeches

Learn to write and deliver a compelling speech that captures the attention of all in the room

A Gentleman's Letter & Stationery

Gentleness appears in writing style and accessories.Techniques necessary for international correspondence, such as how to write invitations and letters, stationery, differences in formalism, etc.

English Afternoon Tea

Learn how tea that has changed the history, style, culture, way of receiving, conversation, clothes all while enjoying afternoon of English tea.

Royal Protocol

[Intermediate] The best gentleman education, British protocol.Learn history, VIP events, aristocratic classes, honorific titles, medals, etc. and improve your gentlemanship.

The Gentlemen's Guide to Gift Etiquette

[Intermediate] Gentlemen's gift etiquette, country-specific gifts, wrapping, timing, delivery methods, gift types

Gentleman's Bar Etiquette

[Intermediate] Basic knowledge of how to behave at the bar, how to order, manners at the bar and pub, alcohol, cocktails, cigars

How to Behave in the Workplace

[Intermediate] Gentlemanly behavior in the workplace enhances leadership. From what you wear to behavior that increases your credibility.

Gentleman's Maintenance

[Intermediate] Learn to take care of yourself including how to fix buttons, how to polish shoes, nail care, hair, beard, iron, cosmetics, sports, diet, cooking, etc.

Gentleman's Activities & Sports

[Intermediate] Receive direct guidance from overseas experts (with interpreter) Content is customizable

A Chivalrous Spirit

[Intermediate] Learn the spirit of a medieval knight and take swordsmanship lessons. Learn how to behave as a modern gentleman including: Escort, Date, Proposal

Manners for Western Ceremonial Occasions

[Intermediate] Learn Western wedding and funeral etiquette with a focus in English culture.

A Gentleman's Home

[Intermediate] Understand the duties of a gentleman, including doing housework and raising children. Learn how to behave at home in a considerate and loving manner.

Overseas Expert Guidance

[Intermediate] You can acquire a more practical and international sense by receiving direct guidance from overseas experts (with an interpreter).

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    Run an ICPA certified salon
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