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International Liberal Arts Certificate

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Specialist certification
Guidance license
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Joint support with IPAA, an exclusive international protocol accreditation association
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International Etiquette

IPAA International Liberal Arts Manners Test Level 1 or above

World-class International Liberal Arts Specialist Expert Certification

Cross-cultural skills

IPAA Business Cross Culture Skill Test Level 1 or above

Foster people who will succeed in international business with the aim of becoming global business leaders

International Protocol

IPAA International Protocol Skill Test Level 1 or above

Handing down a higher-grade international culture

International Protocol Certification

IPAA test EX grade or higher

Certified Salon Management and Consulting

Learn From Experts

ICPA offers fully accredited courses that are globally recognized. Our program covers a range of English courses and instruction in English. Experience the opportunity to interact with experts from around the world.

Comprehensive program

Our comprehensive and accredited Train the Trainer programme enables you to train others in the fields of etiquette and protocol. We will help you develop your own skills to build a successful business with confidence.

Student-Based Learning

Access all review videos, Japanese translation materials, instructor-only materials, and community forums during the qualification period. Get the profile page of the ICPA website certified person.

Management Consulting

Certified experts have access to management consulting and support salon entrepreneurship opportunities.

Until certification acquisition

Obtain certification in a minimum of 2 years
  • 1
    Informational Session

    Directly consult with the director of the school, such as the balance with your own purpose, through hands-on lectures and interviews.
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    Informational Session
  • 2
    Introductory to Advanced Course

    Advance from one-off courses with a singular focus to practical learning sessions. Learn the basics in the Beginners stage, core knowledge in the Intermediate stage, focus on the details in the Advanced stage and prepare to qualify as a specialist.

  • 3
    Certified License & Instructor Registration

    Certified International Cross-Culture Specialist, Acquired Professional Skills Instructor Qualification Certification License
    Japanese qualification S grade and English qualification SE grade

  • 4
    Certified Salon Management / Professional Qualification

    Run an ICPA certified salon
    Receive continuous guidance, and management as an ICPA affiliated school.

Certification can be obtained without aiming for a leader

High-ranking students who require high English proficiency, which can only be obtained overseasQualifications/LicensesCan be taken as a qualification designed for Japanese people in Japan.

Even if you don't become a leader, just having a diploma is proof that you have enough education to teach.

Now that internationalization is rapid, having this technology can help us with endless possibilities in the future.

If you complete the specialized instructor training certification course and pass the examination of the International Protocol Certification Association, you will be able to work as an instructor / expert under our certification.

Best suited for

Only those who have completed the General Course and are judged to be able to take the specialized instructor training certification course will be able to participate in the course.

  • I want skills and qualifications that will be useful for the rest of my life
  • I want to work
  • I want to help people
  • I want expertise
  • I want to build a new career
  • I want to aim for the real thing as an instructor

The future of a teacher who teaches the real thing is permanent.We provide full-scale guidance and support to those who aim to become cross-cultural specialists who have a new career and can be accepted not only in Japan but also overseas.

We thoroughly studied our course, including the contents of the courses certified in the UK, and based on all the materials, we investigated ourselves, took the stage, learned how to stand, speak, and proceed with the lecture, and finally. Only those who pass the exam are eligible to work as ICPA and IPAA certified instructors.

During the certification period, you will be able to access the information published by the school, receive sponsorship, act as an individual specialist, and open an ICPA accredited salon.Video courses and textbooks for specialists will also be updated.There is also a dispatch registration system for our school course staff and corporate training.

Graduates are eligible to attend the "expert course" of overseas training.

  • Training for Certified Specialists and Experts in a Complete International Curriculum
  • Interactive dining instruction (Western business, Chinese business, Middle East business)
  • Guidance and coaching on business development, consulting strategy, marketing, sales, negotiation, presentation, professional brand image
  • Comprehensive specialist material provided for teaching
  • Always access to online video courses accessible to specialists and above
  • PowerPoint materials and materials used in class
  • Online access to international reference books translated into Japanese
  • Share information with other Certified Specialist Experts in the Certified Specialist Expert Forum Community
  • Certified Specialist Experts, who are leveled by grade, will earn points based on points and exam points.
  • Activities as an ICPA instructor are possible
  • Experts can manage salons and receive management consulting
  • Communication with overseas experts
  • Guide to special communities
  • More

Even if you do not have experience as an instructor, you can take it if you complete the general course.Instead of becoming a lecturer, you can also work as an advisor or consultant, and you can combine it with current companies.High level that requires high English proficiency and can only be obtained overseasQualifications/LicensesHowever, it can be taken in Japan, and the courses are also organized in Japanese for Japanese people.

Individual consultation / guidance / certified salon system

We will provide individual consultation and guidance within a limited time.We will advise you on how to check the contents that could not be covered in the group lesson and the program, anxiety, establishment of spirituality, problem coping method, self-management method, and success method that suits the individual.A successful career.With the certified salon system, we also support salon management.

* After completing the exam, a certificate or license will be issued after passing the exam.The license is valid for one year and is automatically renewed annually thereafter.You will be entitled to participate in training for experts.

UK-certified ICPA International Liberal Arts Protocol College

At ICPA, you can take the courses of the UK school as they are in Japan.

It is a qualification that combines leading programs of core knowledge of France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Asian countries, Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, including the Swiss vocational school, which is considered to be the world's number one finishing school for Western etiquette.

We will firmly learn from the fundamentals of "what is an international person?"

The world's most advanced social technology is considered to be an essential ability even at famous universities in the world.Eighty-five percent of corporate and individual success depends on social technology = international success.From royalty and aristocrats and diplomats to international business professionals, we communicate with leaders around the world and share ongoing results with our network of certified consultants.

World-class qualifications are valid in any country in the world.

Lecturer Registration

Students who complete the course can register as certified teachers and qualify to give lectures around the world.

You can also take charge of our specialized courses or work directly with clients and students to give guidance.

The best learning to the best

Passing on to the next generation

International Liberal Arts Specialist