Certified Specialist Qualification Program

Become an international standard learning professional and prove your ability

Certified Specialist Qualification Program

To experts who develop global leaders

Get the finest specialist qualifications

In today's global society, there are still very few people with true international power.If you acquire these teaching skills and qualifications, you will be able to contribute to society as a leader in the internationalized society, as a teacher who trains leaders.

After completing the ICPA Specialist Training Program, you will be on your way to becoming a top expert and qualified to teach others as a certified instructor.

You can get an ICPA original textbook (approximately 1000 pages), which you cannot receive at all in the general course.

Developing the skills to teach others, even if not for the purpose of teaching, will improve your knowledge level and ensure that your learning is yours.

By acquiring world-class knowledge and skills that can only be acquired through the internationally accredited ICPA, and by teaching them, you can contribute to the international community and build your career.

Such soft skills and cross-cultural education are advanced, especially in the West.However, there is no systematic learning in Japan.

The ICPA has successfully developed its 'systematic teaching method'.

Acquire this valuable qualification, which is commonplace in the world and still new in Japan, and play an active role in Japan and overseas as a global leader.

A higher-grade, world-class program by internationally certified world-class professional instructors

ICPA Certified Specialist Program

Complete bag-up for much peace of mind

  1. Can be taken after completing a regular program and obtaining an IPAA qualification
  2. An original ICPA textbook full of knowledge
  3. Full bag-up support with license system
  4. Teaching method
  5. Business development, consulting and coaching
  6. instruction manual
  7. Online video course
  8. Materials used in slides, materials and classes
  9. Information sharing with other certified specialists
  10. Class system based on performance evaluation
  11. Experts can manage salons Management consulting services available


International Protocol Examination Association-IPAA Examination Pure Level 1 or above is required to attend the program. Specialists and above have 6 levels of certification including Japanese and English.

“To the best person with the best impression”

Mari Cecilia Murata – ICPA Principal

To a world-class professional instructor

Fulfill your dreams of being active in the world 

The best learning gives the best life, whether you aim to be a teacher or not. Learning is the best luxury.

ICPA instructor academia

A lifelong treasure To become a true global professional

Open the door to success

If you become an ICPA Specialist Expert, you will be recognized as a world-class instructor and will be active all over the world.


Sample Course & Interview

First, meet directly with the director of the school in a hands-on course
We will provide guidance tailored to your personal goals, including an English lesson
Start from here


Complete program / certification test

Start with a program that matches your current rank There is also an escalator program up to a specialist, and you will surely acquire knowledge and skills while taking an exam each time.


Obtained certified specialist qualification!

Beginner specialists start from assistant instructors If you gain experience, you can act independently as an ICPA instructor. If you become an expert in dispatching companies, you can open a certified salon by yourself.

Japan's only internationally accredited school

World Class Executive LEPSW Group Exclusive International Accreditation / International Protocol Accreditation Association-IPAA Exclusive Accreditation Partner ICPA

Live a beautiful and best life

The best learning and lifelong treasure

ICPA offers flexible study options for students. You can study part-time, full-time or simply one course at a time. Education set at your pace.
ICPA's overseas alliance includes first-class schools and organizations to provide our students with global opportunities.
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