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International Liberal Arts / Manners / Protocols / International Business Students

Everyone who has learned international liberal arts, international manners, international protocols, and international business cross-culture, which are important for international communication.

Rika Kinoshita (26 office worker) Intermediate International Liberal Arts and Manners Course

I would like to continue learning from intermediate to advanced levels and become a person who conveys this learning.

It is possible to realize that etiquette and etiquette are not the rules that someone has decided to follow, but rather the proper behavior when communicating so as not to make the other person uncomfortable. , I could understand why the behavior was etiquette, and it became fun to remember. It was very magnificent and fun to unravel the ancient history of the world in order to learn etiquette and manners. In any era, it was an interesting, very enjoyable and meaningful study that the things that I thought about and acted on in the presence of the other person were accumulated and connected to the current etiquette and manners. In addition to classroom lectures, we also have a track record of table manners, and we can also participate in regularly held social events.

Rika Kinoshita (26 office worker) Intermediate International Liberal Arts and Manners Course

It was a much more powerful study than the beginner's class.

In my fourth year as a member of society, I was fatefully encountering ICPA when I was wondering how to interact with foreigners when the company did business overseas. I spent a year learning the culture of international etiquette manners from beginner to advanced. After learning, I realized that it is very meaningful to study the culture of international etiquette manners at the ICPA International Accredited International Skills Protocol College from three perspectives.

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Mika Hatori (42-year-old housewife, self-employed)

The Finishing Touch beginner's class has been completed. From the end of May, Mr. Murata responded to the private lessons in 5 days.

He taught us manners, etiquette, and protocols in an easy-to-understand manner not only in Western history but also in Japan and the Middle East. Within 5 days There was also a place to practice the French restaurant at the Palace Hotel, table manners at Crown, Imperial Hotel, afternoon tea at Aqua, and moving from home base! English conversation may be necessary, but it was an opportunity to think about the Japanese mind as an international person before the conversation.

Since you are certified by a UK school, all the texts are in English, but I have translated the difficult parts to Professor Murata, who has experience living overseas and working in foreign-affiliated companies, so I can proceed without problems. It’s done. I’m not good at history or English, but I had a very meaningful time. Thank you very much. I would like to enjoy incorporating international etiquette into my daily life, being considerate of others, and being able to spend time comfortably with each other. This wasn’t a mundane manners school!

In addition, Mr. Murata … As a lecturer and a woman, he is a wonderful person who can be trusted because he has an axis and does not shake.

Tomohisa Yamashita (35 doctors) International liberal arts and manners social circles

I felt that there were so many things I thought I was studying and I didn't know.

What did you feel during the 5-hour course?

  • What I thought I knew was shallow
  • What I felt was necessary to take leadership
  • The higher the position, the more necessary
  • I want to deepen my learning
International Liberal Arts Single Course

Takayuki Sugimoto (Doctor 29)

It was most impressive to know the history, background, and reasons.
  • If people will be happy to follow you by acting as a gentleman
  • It is recommended not only for people who are involved internationally, but also for those who take leadership and those who involve people and play an active role in society.
  • I felt that it was a necessary skill to stand on top of people from now on
International Liberal Arts Single Course

Takayuki Sugimoto (29 doctors) International liberal arts society one-off course

It was a great learning experience for me to realize that there was something I didn't know or didn't think I knew.
  • Introduced by my senior and teacher, Professor Yamashita, I participated with the intention of letting you learn just the outline.
  • I felt that Mr. Murata was very hot
  • I have to improve my culture
  • I decided to start from here, so I took the course.
International Liberal Arts Single Course

SY (female early 30s)

You will be able to nourish your mind and feel more hope for your own growth.

Mr. Murata’s answer is so strong that no one can do it, it is backed up by experience, presents a solution that is more personalized, and suggests that it is easy to imagine what you are aiming for. I felt the power of being able to support my growth.

I often think that there are two types of people who are active as teachers and instructors when learning something, but one is to make a living by doing what you like. Although I am a teacher for that purpose, I feel that many teachers do not take into consideration the true growth of the students and what the students are aiming to learn.

And I thought that wanting more was just my selfishness.

The other is a coach or teacher who gives guidance with a view to the future of the student and the vision he wants to be, but even if he has learned a lot, he has almost no memory of meeting such a teacher. Not available.

Mr. Murata strongly felt that he was the latter teacher and coach.

It was so beautiful that I was surprised at how to eat, and it was so artistic that I felt like I was a lady just because I was having a meal together. ^ ^

Thank you very much for having such a session that you can nourish your heart and feel more hope for your own growth. I would like to continue learning while seeing opportunities.

International Liberal Arts Single Course

Watanabe (female office worker in her 30s)

It was interesting because it was like a class on Japanese history and world history about manners.

I learned who (samurai, officials, citizens) and why the background is deeper than I expected, and that cultural differences and points are different. I wasn’t aware of the differences in etiquette, etiquette, and protocols, but I thought that the place to use them would be different. I wish I could have a basis for my behavior and be confident.

Originally, a lady has the meaning of leaving the house. There was also the idea that Ladies First was awkward, but the perspective that it wasn’t was new and interesting.

I want to acquire a behavior that doesn’t cover me when I go to work or in public.

International Liberal Arts Single Course

Female office worker in her 30s International business manners

Respect the people you meet and express your heart through proper etiquette.

Today, I had a lesson focusing on business etiquette. He carefully taught me the etiquette questions I am facing now.

The teacher also has a lot of training experience, and he explained not only the behavior but also the principle. If you can teach me based on the principle, I think that it will be applicable in various scenes in the future.

I think this is the basic ability as a member of society that is needed by all occupations. As with exercise, I thought that social human power can only be improved by being aware of it.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for giving us a valuable opportunity to learn.

Watanabe-san (female office worker in her 30s) Social circle course

I learned the order of clothes and belongings for each type of party and greetings to the participants.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to host a company or attend a simple party outside the company, but I regret not having actively communicated with the guests, especially when I’m on the host side.

I think it’s good to be confident if you know the rules of the order of shaking hands.

Female office worker in her 30s

I am taking a protocol etiquette lesson.

After receiving a lecture from the origin of manners, why are the seating order and procedures? It’s easy to understand because you can think back from the book.

I’m glad to hear a living story about things that you don’t really care about in Japan, but that look like squishy overseas (escorts, etc.), and things that are a little different in the United States and Europe.

Mr. Shimizu (male, 30s)

Since I made my debut in the social circles of Europe, I was in a hurry to learn important points in 2 hours before departure.

Despite the limited time, I was able to learn the minimum necessary things locally in a short time thanks to the solid curriculum.

It was a pre-practice because I practiced not only classroom lectures but also how to stand and escort.

I will practice it in Europe!

Thank you!

English / French course students

English is centered on world-class Cambridge English, and French is also popular, from exam preparation to business and professional English.

Mr. Hatato, a female leader of a major president's secretary

TOEIC score soars: Largest president secretary Female leader: How did you get the score? Actually ... a great success in both work and personal life! I recommend the ICPA English course!

I took the TOEIC course.
Mr. Murata’s lean and mental advice was really learning every time, and I was able to get a high score.
Why study English, living abroad, customs, and a wide range of lessons were very enjoyable, and it took me three months in no time.
We strongly recommend that you take the lessons of Professor Murata. He is a powerful and very attractive teacher, so just meeting him is inspiring.

English experience course

Taking a general English course

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English experience course

Business English course

I learned English conversation for the first time yesterday!

Mr. Murata was surprised to know not only his knowledge of English but also the difference in intonation and culture due to different countries! !!

The 90-minute lesson time was over in a blink of an eye, with repeated practice from listening to reading and English composition.

“Rome must be a day”, and from now on, I would like to continue enjoying the textbooks prepared by Professor Murata!

English experience course

Mr. Terada (American resident office worker)

I took an online lesson in Business English

Mr. Murata taught me English based on the characteristics of Japanese people, and now I can make use of it in my work. Also, every week, I get inspired by talking about topics such as internationalization.

English experience course

Taking a general English course

I was a brilliant English speaker in middle and high school, and in college entrance exams. English is top class even when I was in high school. Even the business Eiken that was once conducted by Eiken is grade A.

I also took TOEIC, but it was over 940 points.

But I can’t speak English fluently.

In my life, I decided to take this English lesson because I thought it was the total settlement of English.

One and a half hours of lessons each week have passed a month. During the lesson, I spoke a little in English at the beginning, and most of it was in Japanese, but recently most of it has become English.

I haven’t come up with fluent English yet, but I would like to continue to train my mouth muscles for English by speaking English.

English experience course

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