Experience and Exclusive Sessions

Experience and Exclusive Sessions

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Those who wish to experience lessons at an internationally accredited ICPA school and would like to hear more about it.

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For those who wish to learn specific areas or experience real sessions

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Learning in Japan, a country of courtesy and non-verbals, leading to authenticity.

Mari Cecilia Murata

Founder / Principal

Japan, the Land of Civility

Advantages of trial courses and one-off courses

These courses are suitable for individuals with these purposes.

You would like to learn only the parts of the course that interest you
You would like to experience the course before attending the main course
You already know what they are, but need a refresher.

Perhaps you have arrived at this site because you considered it essential to learn these, which are global skills.

Now the next step is, “Where and by whom will I learn?” You may be wondering: where and by whom?

In today’s information society, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and since trainers also are human beings, the chemistry between you and your trainer is one of the most crucial factors to learn together.

ICPA is definitely the only school of high quality in Japan. However, its content is not necessarily suitable for everyone. There are many people who prefer a more informal style of course or prefer a course that is more familiar to them.

The key factor for both the student and the academy is whether the student’s needs are met by the educational services offered by the ICPA.

Whether it is a trial before committing to the main course, or just a section that interests you, you are free to pursue your own objectives.

The only requirement for attending the trial and one-off courses is that you have a minimum level of good manners, are considerate and considerate towards the instructor and other students, and do not behave in a way that is disruptive to others.

The course is designed to provide the best opportunity for those who wish to improve, by all means participate in the course.

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International Comprehensive Education

ICPA’s educational objective is to establish and impart internationally accredited cross-cultural communication education and international protocol education as a truly international skills training method.

We are very proud to be the market leader in the global market.

ICPA offers a full package of international standard and cultural education in Japan and abroad. It is exclusively accredited by LEPSW – The Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, a group of protocol executives, to represent Japan.

As an international executive partner and a specialist in international cross-cultural communication and protocol education, LEPSW fully supports companies and individuals in transforming their social and professional lives through the study of international standard studies.

We also support individuals and companies from overseas to learn about Japanese culture and etiquette and improve their ability to communicate with native speakers. Students can learn about cultural differences and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture to establish better communication with the Japanese.

There is also great value in learning from Japan, a country of courtesy and a leader in non-verbal language, which is the key to success in the global arena.

By developing cross-cultural communication skills, students can build trusting relationships with different people from all over the world.

With our unique, customised programmes accredited in the UK, together with top-class partners from around the world, and teaching methods only available in Japan, we fully support you and your business as a leader in modern society.

Be successful as a global elite

We support highly motivated individuals and corporations

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