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The online trial session is a 90-minute + 30-minute Q&A session where you can experience the course first-hand.

Please use the form below to confirm the date and time of the information session and to book your place (please make sure to book at least one week in advance).
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If the seminar dates do not suit you, or if you would like to meet with us in person, we also offer free online personal interviews/trials/interviews.



Online briefing flow (120 minutes)

  1. Held online via Zoom (face to face required) Please participate with mute sound
  2. 60 minutes of basic lectures for each of the various courses (depending on the questions on the student form)
  3. Q&A session 10 min.
  4. Explanation of the courses
  5. Information for course applicants

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The only internationally accredited school of intercultural protocol in Japan, recognised by protocol executive officers from around the world – ICPA, will be holding an online information session, which you can easily attend.

ICPA is the only school in Japan recognised by the founding school of a former British royal official and an association of world experts, and offers comprehensive instruction in the international standard skills required for global communication, essential in today’s world.

These skills, such as cross-cultural understanding theory cross-culture and international protocol, are soft skills that Japan has possessed since ancient times. It is only in Japan, the land of courtesy, that advanced learning can be achieved.

Acquire the skills essential for a global society, now more than ever.

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The Intercultural Protocol Academy - ICPA Founding Principal Mari Cecilia Murata

Japan, the land of courtesy, where you can learn

I have been researching for 20 years on the subject of why barriers exist when living and working abroad and dealing with people from various countries.

As a result, I came across a fact, which has been proven in studies at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, the Carnegie Foundation, Cambridge and Oxford in the UK, and institutes in the Netherlands.

From this fundamental and scientific point of view, I was convinced that global communication involves not only English, but also cross-cultural understanding theory, international etiquette and diplomatic rules, which can contribute to internationalisation by knowing how to do it and the fundamentals, having confidence in it and putting it into practice.

Together, we were able to establish this school and become recognised around the world.

ICPA’s science-based learning focuses on anthropology, including brain science, psychology, cultural studies, history, etc. It is a practical and convincing way to learn that manners are also an academic discipline, which is a treasure in life and can be applied in all situations.

We are immensely proud to be a pioneer and market leader in the global education industry in Asia.

ICPA offers a full package of international standard and cultural education in Japan and abroad. We are exclusively accredited by LEPSW – The Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, a group of protocol executives, to represent Japan.

As an international executive partner and a specialist in international cross-cultural communication and protocol education, LEPSW fully supports companies and individuals to study international standard studies and transform their social and professional lives.

By developing cross-cultural communication skills, students can build trusting relationships with different people from all over the world.

Furthermore, in an era of global competition, soft skills, in addition to technical skills such as language and IT, can help you achieve better results. These skills are key to success in a global society.

And, best of all, the skills needed in today’s GLOBAL society are none other than the soft skills, the ability to read, acknowledge and cooperate with others, which Japan originally practised from ancient times.

Those are the lessons that can only be learnt in Japan, the land of courtesy.

Online Experience

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