International Liberal Arts Protocol Program Annual Schedule

Group programs start only once or twice a year, recruitment is switched from one year ago to one month ago every six months<br>
In case of one person, individual course schedule is free

Short-term beginner program schedule

Take a half-year beginner's course for 6 consecutive holidays (5 hours a day) Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter<br>
The application deadline is 1 year to 1 month ago

Certified Specialist Training Program

The group program starts only once a year, recruitment starts one year in advance, and the deadline is one month in advance.<br>
If you are alone, it will be a private course and you can schedule it freely.

Certified Specialist Program

A program to gain solid skills and careers</p>
<p>Starts in September Beginner 6 months, Intermediate 6 months, Advanced 3 months, Specialist 1 year +
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International Liberal Arts Course

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Group programs have several opportunities a year!

    Those who want to polish themselves

    Those who want to hone themselves and shine from languages to international liberal arts and protocols

    For those who want to hone their global skills and play an active role in international business

    If you want to succeed globally

    Companies / embassies / services

    Corporate training, embassy training, hotel restaurant training<br>
    Event-sponsored services

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