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Business Summary

Ever-Changing Global Society

Nurturing People Who Connect The World

We, ICPA, offer a full package of international standard and cultural education at home and abroad, training professionals and issuing them with the Global Specialist Certificate, a qualification that enables them to teach anywhere in the world.

The ICPA is exclusively accredited as the Japanese representative of LEPSW – Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, the world’s leading group of protocol executives.

Together with its international executive partners, it specialises in international intercultural communication and protocol education and fully supports companies and individuals in transforming their social and professional lives by acquiring international standard learning.

In addition, we fully support the success of young people through our study-abroad assistance.


International Standard Education And Science Based Learning

Strong system with world experts to acquire the latest information and provide world-class educational services Intercultural theory and international protocol


Trusted Worldwide

Globally active and the only school in Japan to receive international accreditation Working with a high-class global network of trusted schools around the world.


Specialist Lecturer

Qualified and experienced lecturers receive sufficient supervisory training to guide their students. Professional pathways will also be available.

Business Name

ICPA Int’ Protocol Co.,Ltd.

Businesses: The Intercultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA 

International accreditation (exclusive to Japan) by Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World

Representative Director

Mari Murata

Telephone Number

81 (0)3 6735 3017

Head Office

19F Marunouchi Trust North Tower

1-8-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 

100-0005, Japan

(In Fabbit)






Corporate registration: 25 January 2018 

Business established: 25 November 2016


Business Activities

Specialist training school for international protocol, international manners and cross-cultural theory

Promotion of international standard education

Internationalisation support

Development of global skills

Corporate training

Embassy training

Instructor training

Accredited school management support

Support for study in the UK

Business philosophy

Bridging between Japan and the rest of the world

Contributing to global society by promoting internationalisation and education

Clients and Partners around the globe

Toyota Trile Corporation

Asian Development Capital Ltd

The English Manner UK

The English Education UK

The Culture Concierge UK

Swing Ltd (Old Hat)

Princess Room Ltd.

General Association of Cultural Inheritors of Japan

Imperial Tours & Events Austria

Excellenstima Spain

Gloria South Korea

Numerous other national and international partners

Affiliated Organisations

Leading Protocol & Etiquette Schools of the World

Japan British SocietyJapan Austria Culture Exchange Society

British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Mari Cecilia Murata

Representative Director / Founding Principal

For Those Who Succeed Globally

Academy Philosophy

I: Inspire C: Cultivate P: Practice A: Achieve Be a successful and inspirational leader who learns and inspires others.

Welcome to the WorldCrew Learning Vessel

Mari Cecilia Murata

International protocol and intercultural understanding theory

Science-based learning

ICPA is very proud to be the market leader in the global education industry in Asia.

We provide instruction and qualifications locally and internationally with a full package to train professionals to pass on international standard and cultural education.

Additionally, ICPA is exclusively accredited as the Japanese representative member of LEPSW – Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, a group of protocol executives, and is a member of the organisation. Together with our other overseas members, the executive partners, we fully support organisations and individuals in transforming their social and professional lives through the acquisition of global standard studies.

By developing intercultural communication skills, clients can build trusting relationships with a wide range of people from across the globe.

Furthermore, in an era of global competition, soft skills, in addition to technical skills such as language and IT, can help you achieve better results. These skills are key to success in a global society.

In fact, these skills are precisely the skills of the Japanese spirit, which Japan has accumulated since ancient times. This is why the brand power of Japan, the country of courtesy and learning, is a major factor.

Those who achieve certification are awarded a decoration from ICPA and can proudly transmit this valuable science throughout the world.

When it comes to corporate training, we offer unique customised programmes and, together with top-class partners from around the world, we fully support the business success of our clients, who are leaders in today’s global society.

World's Latest And Most Complete Training Programme

Constantly updated information forms the basis for up-to-date programmes. From beginners to professionals, ICPA offers international learning and Japanese culture to individuals and companies that can only be found at ICPA.

Professionals From Around The World

Support lectures from around the world in partnership with experts from all over the world Local connections increase opportunities


Strong links with the International Protocol Accreditation Association to support careers by issuing certification qualifications, diplomas and certificates.
Student satisfaction
Examination pass rates
Success rates for study abroad and career progression

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ICPA For Learning Global Skills

Train The Trainers

Career support through a complete train-the-trainer programme and professional development and issuance of certificates. Management consultancy also included.

Corporate And Embassy Training

Training of various specialists and dispatch of lecturers/providing training for the development of truly international personnel.

Certification Examination Of International Protocol Certification Association

Exclusive affiliate of the International Protocol Certification Association, which organises a range of eleven-level transliteration examinations.

International Education Skills Learning

International etiquette, international protocol, business cross-cultural theory

Complete Support For Studying In The UK

Best study abroad support with UK partners Parents courses available for parents

英語学習 English Education for Japanese

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Dreams will come true if one never gives up.
Mari Cecilia Murata
ICPA Founding Principal

Experience Seminar

Improve your global skills with the finest learning solution