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As a member of the ICPA, not only are you recognised as a member, but you can also buy coupons, which can be used to pay for workshops, events and courses in part. You will also be eligible for discounts and opportunities to shine on stage, opening up new opportunities for you. You can also become a member of our sister group, Salon Elegance de Cecilia, and receive invitations to great meetings.

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ICPA Group

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As a member of ICPA

You can easily participate in ICPA workships, be recognised as a member, attend school events and enjoy learning.

As a member of the salon

Access to lessons and events organised by the attached social salon, Salon Elegance de Cecilia, where you can enjoy elegant lessons, socialising and culture, and meet lots of people.

As a member of the IPA Association

The affiliated International Protocol Accreditation Association is the association that will offer the growing certification examinations in the future. You can take the examinations with coupons, take preparatory courses for the examinations with coupons and participate in activities.

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Double membership
¥ 36
000 Per Year
  • Accounts at two communities
  • Access to all events at ICPA and SEC
  • Enjoy two members social site
  • Your own profile on two sites
  • Access to lessons at ICPA and SEC


Premium membership
¥ 120
000 Per Year
  • All Accounts at the whole Group
  • Access to all events
  • Enjoy all members social site
  • Organise and create your own events directly on SEC website
  • Receive premium celebrity badge
  • Your own profile with your membership class
  • Prior access to lessons
  • Invited to premium events
  • Premium seat at event
  • Premium meal at event

Get your tickets

Join as a member and purchase a series of tickets for lessons and events. Members can attend lessons and events by submitting tickets and paying the actual costs.


20 ticket
¥ 200
000 3 Months
  • Use for all accessible lessons
  • Enjoy students' social group
  • 3 hour complimentary online consulting


50 Tickets
¥ 445
000 6 months
  • Use for all accessible lessons
  • Enjoy students' social group
  • 6 hours complimentary online consulting


100 Tickets
¥ 790
000 12 months
  • Use for all accessible lessons
  • Enjoy students' social group
  • 10 hours complimentary online consulting

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