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A Valuable World-Class Qualification Issued In Japan, A Land Of Courtesy

World-class Accreditation

With the leadership skills and qualifications in hand, you will be able to lead an ever-globalising world, become a mentor for developing leaders and make a contribution to society.

Completion of the ICPA’s Specialist Training Programme paves the way to becoming a top expert and qualifies you to train others around the world as a certified trainer.

By acquiring and imparting world-class knowledge and skills, which can only be obtained through the internationally accredited ICPA, you can contribute to the world community and develop your career.

This learning, which is considered sensible in the world, is valuable precisely as you learn it from Japan, the country of courtesy.

Obtain this valuable qualification, achieve global success and make a difference to the world together.

*Please note that the ICPA assesses students based on their level of original education and their attitudes in order to maintain the high quality of the school and to ensure that all students receive a quality education.

Modern global skills and qualifications certified in Japan, the "land of courtesy".

Master the soft-skills is the key to success in the modern global world.

Become a successful global leader

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