Specialist Licence Programmes

Become a true international protocol trainer with a thorough knowledge of Eastern and Western protocol

International Protocol Specialist / Franchise Licence Programmes

Excel in the field of international protocol and lead the world stage!

'Teaching is the best learning experience.' Looking to maximise your potential and truly enrich your life?

Two Types of Certifications

Transform your future by becoming a certified international protocol specialist capable of working globally!

International Protocol Global Specialist

International Protocol Specialist Certificate and Franchise Licence for Global Leaders

Become an international protocol global officer

Obtain a specialist licence to become an inspiring trainer or run a franchise school!

Ignite your educational voyage and unlock boundless growth like never before!

Why choose ICPA?

Success on the global stage as well as qualification

I:Inspiration C:Cultivation P:Practice A:Achievement

Inspire others, cultivate opportunities, create your own world and achieve your goals!

The remarkable cycle of knowledge: Teach, learn, and thrive.

The ICPA’s International Protocol Specialist Licence stands as the only qualification in the world designed for truly global individuals, structured to enable them to comprehend and transmit a comprehensive worldview to the next generation. This qualification seamlessly combines the cultures of the East and the West, encompassing the protocols of Japan, a prominent Eastern power, and England, a pioneering force in the West.

“Teaching” is the epitome of “learning.” When it comes to acquiring knowledge, there is no more effective approach than imparting knowledge to others. The more you teach, the greater your expertise and skills develop.

Not only will you acquire knowledge and education, but you will also cultivate the skills necessary to teach and guarantee your own personal growth.

Become an ICPA International Protocol Specialist and gain the ability to inspire an increasingly interconnected world. As a mentor to aspiring leaders and a catalyst for social progress, your influence will resonate far and wide.

Furthermore, with an ICPA franchise licence, you will embark on an exciting journey to establish and operate a franchised school, supported unwaveringly by our organization. Leave an indelible mark across continents and throughout the world!

Seize this rare opportunity to unlock your unlimited potential on the global stage and walk hand in hand along the path of change towards a better world.

Become a successful global leader


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