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International Protocol Specialist Qualification

Become an expert in international protocol and intercultural understanding and shine in the world with a world-class teaching qualification


International Protocol Certificates

Learn international protocol and intercultural understanding and succeed in your profession


International Protocol Improve yourself with a range of courses

Achieve your dreams by learning international protocol and intercultural understanding and enriching your personal life

World-class International Protocol certifications

Become a specialist lecturer in International Protocol
Anyone wishing to acquire world-class skills in international protocol
Executives who are global leaders in the world
Those seeking to advance their careers with a certificate and qualification in International Protocol
People who are keen to learn and cultivate their knowledge of both Eastern and Western protocols

International Protocol for Executive Diplomacy

International protocol for diplomacy is a large inter-organisational diplomatic code that promotes a high level of international relations and serves the international society, business and diplomacy.

International Protocol for Business and Intercultural Theory

A scientific understanding of international business protocol and etiquette, as well as intercultural theories essential to international business success, will facilitate international business.

International Protocol Social Etiquette and Gentlemen's Studies

The study of International Protocol in the East and West, Social Etiquette, Japanese Etiquette and Gentleman Studies will help you develop world-class social skills and confident behaviour to achieve a higher level of dignity and culture.

INternational Protocol Specialist Qualifications and Licences

International Protocol Specialist qualifications in East and West allow you to coach worldwide and be a global leader. Recommended for those who want to be active in the world.

Japan's Only Internationally Accredited International Protocol School

The only school in Japan accredited by LEPSW, the world's leading association of protocol executives, to represent Japan.

Certified By The International Protocol Accreditation Association

Association of selected organisations in only five countries worldwide Exclusive accreditation for Japan

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The power of international protocol of East and West to transform your future and inspire others

Do you have various hopes and concerns, such as acquiring international protocol skills and qualifications, becoming internationally active, developing diplomatic skills and success, or improving your personal culture and education, and living a life of dignity and enrichment?

With the tips and tricks you can learn from international protocol of East and West, you can achieve these goals in no time at all by simply changing a few simple details. You will become a more gracious, cultured, beautiful and wonderful individual, trusted by others, successful in making not only yourself but also your loved ones happy, and able to live a glorious life without any uncertainty about the future.

The InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA provides individuals, companies and embassies at home and abroad with the skills they need in international communication based on international protocol of East and West. At the same time, it contributes to global society by supporting the development of culture and dignity on a personal level and by training professionals.

For more than 20 years, The InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA has been researching intercultural communication techniques and international rituals that form the basis of a global society. We have discovered that the fundamental ideas of international protocol are the very same philosophies and customs that the Japanese have maintained since ancient times, and by learning both Eastern and Western protocol and etiquette, you can develop a higher level of true international competence.

At The InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA you will acquire all the skills required in a global society, which will enrich your life by giving you the ability and culture to be confident and comfortable in your personal and business life, to achieve your goals, to succeed and to inspire others.

International Protocol Experts Worldwide

William Hanson

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“If you are ever unsure about whether something is correct or not, then my golden rule is: ‘if in doubt, don’t’."

Jimmy Beale

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  • Vocational training in international protocol in the east and west
  • Specialist training in international protocol
    International protocol qualifications in the East and West
  • Membership of prestigious global network
  • General courses available outside of specialist training
  • Online access to courses from around the world

International protocol knowledge and skills acquisition will be of great benefit to those who belong to the top elite of national and international business, or who are highly skilled and aware and aspire to a higher level than they currently are, and will benefit from the excellent quality and high standard of learning at The InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA.

Understanding that you are not just learning the content of international protocols and what to do and how to behave, but that everything you do and think has a basis, and that learning is based on scientific evidence from studies around the world, will help you to understand that all etiquette is not a rigid set of rules, but something that will enrich your life and improve the quality of your life itself. This will lead to an improvement in the quality of your life itself.

When you study protocol as part of the international training offered by The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA, you will learn not only etiquette and behaviour, but also all aspects of history, religion, thinking skills, body language, psychology, rhetoric and linguistics. You will learn and improve your logical and emotional intelligence and develop a comprehensive range of skills to help you achieve your goals and succeed in life.

The Intercultural Protocol Academy of Japan -ICPA is the only member in Asia of the Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, an international protocol executive group of only five carefully selected countries, recommended as a Japanese member and exclusively accredited internationally.

We also issue certificates and diplomas, have an exclusive accreditation partnership with the International Protocol Accreditation Association – IPAA, and are Asia’s premier comprehensive global skills training school, trusted and valued by students, chosen to help them achieve their dreams and succeed.

Open the door to the future and make your dreams come true here.

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