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The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan

Indulge in a Sophisticated Intercultural Education Journey: Empowering the Elite, Embassies, Corporate Executives, and Aspiring Individuals

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Looking to maximise your potential and truly enrich your life? International Protocol and International Etiquette Studies will help you do just that.

*Courses with English titles are lectures in English and courses with Japanese titles are lectures in Japanese.

Japan's Only Internationally Accredited International Protocol School

Certified By The International Protocol Accreditation Association

Association of selected organisations in only five countries worldwide Exclusive accreditation for Japan

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"International Protocol and International Etiquette Studies is a splendid odyssey that takes you on a journey of cultural enlightenment and impeccable etiquette. It's a grand adventure for anyone seeking to expand their horizons, gain deeper insights into the world's diverse cultures, and master the art of social grace."

Asia's premier international protocol and etiquette school dedicated to your success

Unlock your full potential by mastering the art of international protocol and International Etiquette!


Wide range of International Protocol and International Etiquette courses and educational tours

Master the international competence and achieve your dreams, and Embark on an Educational Journey: British Royal Cultural Learning through Majestic Ceremonial Tours!


Japanese Etiquette and Protocol for global individuals

Want to know more about the mysterious country of Japan? Master Japanese culture before you enter the country!


International Protocol and International Etiquette Specialist Qualification

Become an expert in international protocol, international etiquette, and  intercultural theory to shine in the world with a world-class qualification!

Elite International Protocol and International Etiquette Programmes for first-class

  • Individual programmes on protocol, etiquette and cross-cultural business communication in the East and West
  • Group lectures on various programmes
  • Dignity English for the world’s leading professionals
  • Elite Training for Global Leaders/Executives
  • Guidance Special sessions and luxury tours for the wealthy

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The power of international protocol and Etiquette of East and West to transform your future and inspire others

Are your aspirations and concerns multifaceted, encompassing the acquisition of skills and qualifications in international protocol and international etiquette, engaging in global activities, refining your diplomatic abilities, enhancing your personal refinement and education, and leading a life of dignity and enrichment?

With the aid of tips and tricks drawn from the international protocols and etiquette of both the East and the West, you can swiftly accomplish these objectives by simply tweaking a few key details. You will blossom into a more gracious, cultured, exquisite, and splendid individual, trusted by others, successful in bringing joy not only to yourself but also to your loved ones, and able to live a glorious life free from uncertainty about the future.

The InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA extends its services to individuals, companies, and embassies both at home and abroad, equipping them with the essential skills required for international communication based on the international protocols and etiquette of both the East and the West. In addition, ICPA contributes to the advancement of personal culture and dignity, as well as the training of professionals, thereby supporting global society.

For over two decades, the InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA has been researching intercultural communication techniques and global rituals that serve as the foundation of a global society. We have discovered that the fundamental principles of international protocol and etiquette are akin to the philosophies and customs that the Japanese have upheld since ancient times. By studying both Eastern and Western protocols, rituals, and etiquette, you can achieve a higher level of true international competence.

At the InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA, you will acquire all the skills necessary to thrive in a global society, mastering international protocol and international etiquette. This will enrich your life by providing you with the confidence and refinement necessary to succeed in your personal and professional endeavors, achieve your goals, and inspire others while upholding the principles of international protocol and etiquette.

Master global standard intercultural competence

International Protocol and International Etiquette

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Achieving your dream

International protocol and international etiquette knowledge and skills acquisition will greatly benefit individuals belonging to the top elite of national and international business sectors, as well as those who aspire to reach a higher level of skill and awareness. At The InterCultural Protocol Academy – ICPA, you will experience excellent quality education and training, upholding high standards in the field.

It is important to understand that learning international protocol goes beyond simply acquiring knowledge of protocols and behavioral guidelines. It encompasses a deeper understanding that every action and thought has a foundation, rooted in scientific evidence from global studies. Embracing this perspective will enrich your life and enhance its overall quality, as etiquette becomes an integral part of your being.

When you embark on the journey of studying international protocol as part of the comprehensive training offered by The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA, you will delve into various aspects, including history, religion, critical thinking, body language, psychology, rhetoric, and linguistics. This holistic approach will not only improve your logical and emotional intelligence but also equip you with a wide range of skills to help you achieve your goals and succeed in life.

As the only member in Asia of the Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, an esteemed international protocol executive group consisting of carefully selected countries, The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional training. We are recommended as a Japanese member and hold exclusive international accreditation, issuing certificates and diplomas. Our partnership with the International Protocol Accreditation Association – IPAA further solidifies our position as Asia’s premier comprehensive global skills training school, trusted and valued by students who have chosen us to help them achieve their dreams and succeed.

Come, open the door to a promising future and turn your dreams into reality here.

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