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International Protocol Accreditation Association Exam

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International Protocol qualifications

International protocol is the knowledge and behaviour of international standards and is an essential international communication skill for diplomacy, international business and private life.

It is also an international education, and by demonstrating the correct manner appropriate to the occasion, enables students to facilitate international exchange and conduct themselves in a suitable and appropriate manner as a world-class citizen.

By acquiring international skills, which English alone is not enough, learners gain confidence and can play an active role in the world as leaders of the global society of the future.

ICPA provides a strong and cooperative learning support system so that learners can learn at ICPA, verify their skills with IPAA examinations, learn again, and continue to learn and acquire skills that belong to them.

*Please note that for the time being in 2022, examinations are available only in Japanese. English text are on preparation. 

International skills qualifications

Issued by the International Protocol Accreditation Association

International Protocol Examination

Eleven steps, starting from Level 5, to confirm knowledge of international etiquette, international protocol and cross-cultural business protocol. Up to Level 3, all content is combined; from Pre-Level 2, each category is divided into different categories.

Certified lecturer qualifications

ICPA professional development and IPAA accredited lecturer qualification to enable you to work both domestically and internationally Once qualified, you can work in a secure environment with support from ICPA.

“Knowledge is Power, Power provides Information; Information leads to Education, Education breeds Wisdom; Wisdom is Liberation. People are not liberated because of lack of knowledge.”

Confidence in international competence

Three categories and eight grades

There are three types of examinations, all of which are divided into eight levels: levels five, four and three are held online, while levels two and above are held at a venue. Certifications are time-limited and a different exam is held each time. IPAA certification and ICPA licences allow you to train as a lecturer.


International Social Etiquette and Protocol, intercultural awareness

International general knowledge, international etiquette, protocol and international education, which will be useful for life in an international society.


Global Business Protocol and intercultural theory

Cross-cultural business common sense in today’s global society, test of international business education Essential as an international business skill.


International Protocol of Diplomacy

Certificate in diplomatic culture essential as a diplomatic skill. Useful mainly for those involved in diplomacy.
Valid for those who wish to take their international protocol to the next level.

Certifications, professional licences

The International Protocol Accreditation Association and ICPA form a formidable and exclusive partnership