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The finest programmes and certificates in Asia

The premier professional education for teaching international education, international etiquette, international protocol and intercultural communication. Issuing professional qualifications from Japan, the land of courtesy and non-verbal language. Enhanced training for professionals and organisations, and global skills development for young people.

World-class Comprehensive Programmes and certifications

Specialised in expert development
Accredited Worldwide
Based in Japan, A Land Of Soft-skills High Class Global Network
Fully Conducted Curriculum
Certificates and licences to be issued

Global education etiquette & gentlemen's studies

International and Japanese etiquette and gentleman's education hone social skills, develop world-class social skills and behave confidently.

Global Business Protocol & Intercultural Theory

Scientific understanding of essential etiquette and cross-cultural theory for international and Japanese business communication

Global / Japanese Diplomatic Protocol

Protocol is a diplomatic norm between states, cities and other large organisations and a technique for facilitating international relations.

Specialist Certifications and Licences

Obtain specialist licences, coach around the world , be a global leader. Together we will link the world as one.

Become a Specialist

Qualifications that last a lifetime and are applicable all over the world

Japan's Only Internationally Accredited School

The world's first-class global network

Certified By The International Protocol Certification Association

Association of selected organisations in only five countries worldwide Exclusive accreditation for Japan

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Specialist training in international protocol and cross-cultural theory

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Global society's essential skills learnt from Japan, a land of courtesy

The Intercultural Protocol Academy of Japan (ICPA) provides guidance for individuals, companies and embassies in Japan and abroad to be globally successful.

ICPA teaches international education, international etiquette, international protocol and cross-cultural communication as universal skills for global success, and trains global specialists who are active worldwide as professional educators, and through training and support for global companies, ICPA We contribute to the globalisation of the world through training and supporting global companies.

In today’s information-oriented and globalised society, the acquisition of these skills is needed more than ever.

As for Japan, the coronation of the new emperor, the most mysterious part of Japanese culture, was broadcast live to the entire world, and the excellent diplomacy of the Emperor and Empress has come to the world’s attention.

For more than 20 years, ICPA has been researching cross-cultural communication techniques and international rituals that form the basis of a global society. As a result, we discovered that the roots of the international rituals that the ICPA has been guiding since the beginning are the very philosophies and customs that the Japanese people have maintained since ancient times.

Non-verbal communication is not only attentive, but also enables smooth communication, allows one to accurately read the thoughts of others and avoid potential risks. The Japanese are a people who have practised this habit on a daily basis for thousands of years.

The global skills required today, including intercultural understanding, interpersonal communication skills, cooperation, soft skills and the all-important etiquette, are skills that have been part of Japan’s historical learning.

At ICPA, these skills are developed due to the fact that Japan is one of the most courteous countries in the world and is recognised worldwide as an expert in this field.

ICPA courses develop all the skills required in a global society, enabling you to live confidently and comfortably in both your personal and business life.

*ICPA is designed for people with the manners, culture and dignity to learn and improve. Please refrain from taking this course if you have not reached a certain level of education.

World Experts

William Hanson

The English Manner


“If you are ever unsure about whether something is correct or not, then my golden rule is: ‘if in doubt, don’t’."

Jimmy Beale

The English Education

Study Abroad UK


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Specialist training in international protocol and cross-cultural theory

Why choose ICPA?

  1. Specialist training academy
  2. Deep expertise recognised worldwide
  3. Japan’s advanced soft skills and courtesy.
  4. First-class global network
  5. Systematic and complete programmes

ICPA provides high-quality, high-class education to the top elite of professionals at national and international level, as well as to conscious companies and individuals who aspire to achieve these goals.

General protocol schools tend simply to teach what to do and how to behave, without regard to evidence or thinking skills. As a result, learners tend to have a shallow understanding of the subject and do not connect it to the future, which is one of the reasons why the public says they do not see why these matters are necessary.

At ICPA, we have established that all behaviour and thinking has a foundation and that learning is based on science, based on a variety of proven scientific evidence from research around the world.

From Japan, the land of courtesy and non-verbals, we offer a comprehensive learning package that is available only because we are bilingual Japanese specialists who are operating in the world.

ICPA is the only member in Asia of the Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, a global executive group of only five globally selected countries, and is recommended as a Japanese member, with exclusive international accreditation; and It also issues certificates and diplomas and boasts an exclusive accreditation partnership with the International Protocol Accreditation Association – IPAA, representing Asia’s premier world-class, comprehensive international skills training school.

With the confidence and trust of our participants, clients select ICPA to achieve their dreams and succeed.

We will Lead You To Success

High Standard Programmes

From High-Ranked Executives To The General Public Aiming For First-Class


Comprehensive Curriculum

Systematic, complete curriculum and integrated learning based on scientific evidence, allowing students to acquire the skills they need.


Recognised In The World

Direct overseas imports from ICPA’s global partners for learning


Instructor Certification Acquisition

As a lecturer, you can teach other companies, set up your own salon, and be active as an ICPA franchise school.

Have Your Dream Come True

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Acquire modern global skills and certificates at the finest academy

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