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Global business etiquette and protocol Programme

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Global business etiquette, protocol and an understanding of intercultural theory are important in today’s globalised business environment for a number of reasons.

As businesses expand and operate across borders, it is important for individuals and organisations to be able to communicate and interact effectively with people from different cultures.

A good understanding of cross-cultural etiquette can help to build trust and establish positive relationships with clients, customers and partners from other cultures. It can also help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts that can arise from cultural differences.

In global business, following protocol and etiquette can also be a key factor in building successful relationships.

In addition, it’s important to recognise that cross-cultural understanding and global business etiquette and protocol can also help ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Overall, cross-cultural understanding and knowledge of global business etiquette and protocol are essential skills for success in today’s globalised business environment. They can help companies build strong relationships, avoid misunderstandings and legal issues, and increase their chances of success in global markets.

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Comprehensive Programmes & Certificates

  1. Global Specialist / Expert Programmes and Licences
  2. Accreditation
  3. Franchise Licence
  4. General courses
  • Global business etiquette, protocol and cross-cultural fundamentals essential in today’s global society.
  • World history and global mindset
  • Differences from Japan
  • How to make a positive first impression in global business 
  • International business greeting protocol
  • Posture and behaviour to present a professional impression around the world
  • Mastering body language science and protocol in global business
  • Protocol of global business interaction
  • Global business dress code protocol
  • Hosting events for global leaders following protocol
  • Effective business networking and etiquette
  • Business table etiquette and seating protocol: differences between British, French, American, Continental Europe, Japanese,Chinese and Middle Eastern)
  • Effective global professional conversational skills in global business
  • International business email, letter and invitation writing protocol
  • Business afternoon tea etiquette 
  • Japanese history, business culture and Japanese business etiquette
  • Colour science and self-image as a global professional
  • Public speaking for success in globalised business
  • Formal forms of greeting and introduction protocol
  • Global business entertainment (country by country)
  • Essential business culture
  • Wine etiquette in business
  • Country-specific business gift etiquette, Japanese business gift etiquette
  • Business presentations
  • Global negotiation skills
  • Country-specific (Western and Asian)
  • Global thinking skills and cross-cultural understanding
  • Cross-cultural differences by country and situation
  • Global business protocol (Western and Asian)
  • Psychology, rhetoric and thinking skills
  • Japanese etiquette to convey to foreigners
  • Lessons from overseas experts

The International Protocol Accreditation Association examinations are also available.

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