Business Name

thatInternational Protocol Co., Ltd.

(2020Years8Moon Co., Ltd.IDC.International(Company name changed from) Business description: International certificationthatInternational Liberal Arts Protocol College

The International Cross Culture® and Protocol Academy of Japan

International certification / alliance:Leading Protocol & Etiquette Schools of the World

Representative Director / Founder (I.e.  Mari Cecilia Mari
Phone Number 03-3216-7177
Head Office Address Postal Code100 0005 XNUMX Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-6-2 Shin Marunouchi Center Building21Floor
Establishment of Corporation 2018Years1Month25Day Business establishment:2016Years11Month

~ Bridging the world ~

The global standard education

Global support

Fostering global skills

Corporate training

Embassy training

Private courses

Event hosting service

Making the most of all international experiences and strengths of international alliances, teaching from an international sense, communicating the essence of Japan's first comprehensive school and supporting correct internationalization

Dispatched trained staff to various services

Business Philosophy

Bridging Japan and the world

Contribution to the globalization and international education


The english manner 英国

Swing Co., Ltd. (Old Hat)

Princess Room Co., Ltd.

Japan Cultural Inheritors Association

Imperial Tours & Events オーストリア

Excellenstima スペイン

Gloria South Korea

Many other domestic and international partners

Member Organization

Leading Protocol & Etiquette Schools of the World

Japan British Society

Japan Austria Culture Exchange Society

British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

International Certification-Japan Exclusive

Recognized as the Japan representative member of the world protocol group LPESW, it provides world-class education.

Asia's first and only international skills vocational school
International certification (mainly in the UK)
Foster confidence and international strength

ICPA is internationally certified in the UK
As Japan's pioneer of cross-cultural communication, promote global standard education, support internationalization, and develop global human resources
Language instruction

World-class language We will teach you a language that you can use

Global skills

We will teach you the global skills of a solid global standard

Cross-culture instruction

Global education in 180 countries around the world

International Etiquette (UK certified)

International communication begins with the acquisition of international common sense. You will learn the international standard etiquette and master the rules.

Business Cross Culture (UK Certified)

Understanding of other cultures is the key to the global communication. You will learn how to build smooth professional relationships internationally.

International protocol (international certification)

International protocols enable even higher levels of international exchange.Not only international business, but also diplomacy and VIP correspondence are handled smoothly, and you can connect with the world with skills that earn first-class trust.


English is now the world standard language. Experts from all around the globe will help you with improving your English.

Youth etiquette and study abroad

Courses for children from the age of 4 have both language and international education, and we are training children's international skills that will support Japan in the future.For international students, the language and manners of international students are also available.To the future.

Certified professional training

We train certified professional instructors who specialize in teaching and teaching this international standard cross-cultural education, and provide certified salon management support to those who wish to manage.For future internationalization.

Embassy / company / service industry training

This learning is indispensable because it is a company, embassy, ​​and service industry that deals with the world.For corporate training, the director of the school or a senior certified instructor will visit and provide thorough guidance.We will do our utmost to support organizations that are seriously aiming for internationalization.

By world standard professional
Event Sponsorship Support

A trained instructor will take care of the guidance or management of your event.From planning to attendance on the day.From general corporate seminars to large seminars and VIP events to state guest events.

Translation interpretation

We accept translation and interpretation services centered on English and French translations.

Global skills are not enough in English
Fostering truly global human resources

Mehrabian's Law As shown in "Three Vs", one enters from the impression.
0 %
Visual impression: Appearance and behavior = international manners and culture
0 %
Hearing impression: Speaking / voice = English
0 %
Content = People enter from the impression and consider the content

Global skill education representing Japan

The most frequently asked question is "Why in Japan,6Even though I learned English over the years, are there few people who can communicate in English? The question is, "Why do many people from overseas know little about Japanese culture before entering Japan and suffer from small but serious problems?"

We've been searching for the cause for decades, but finally we've found the best solution, "thatWe have launched the "International Liberal Arts Protocol College".

thatThe purpose of is to establish and teach internationally certified cross-cultural communication education and international protocol education as a truly international skill training method.

We are very proud to be a pioneer and market leader in the global education industry in Asia.

thatProvides a full package of international standard education and cultural education in Japan and abroad.The world's protocol executive groupLEPSW – The Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the WorldFrom, it is exclusively certified as a representative of Japan.

As an international executive partner and a specialized school for international cross-cultural communication protocol education, we fully support companies and individuals to study international standards and transform their social and professional lives.

We also support overseas individuals and businesses to learn Japanese culture and etiquette and improve their ability to communicate with native speakers.Students can establish better communication with Japanese people by learning about cultural differences and gaining a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

By acquiring cross-cultural communication skills, you can build relationships of trust with various people around the world.

In addition, in an era of global competition, languages ​​andITYou can get better results by acquiring soft skills in addition to technical skills such as.

These skills are the key to success in the global community.

Together with our unique UK-certified customization program and top-class partners from around the world, we fully support you and your business as a leader in modern society.

ICPA International Protocol Co., Ltd.
The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Association of Japan
Founder / Chief Director
Mari Cecilia Murata
"Bridging the world"

A pioneer who specializes in international skill training and has introduced global skills and cross-cultural comprehensive education into Japan.

A new comprehensive international skills training that provides world-class education in addition to cultural education to become a global leader who guides you to find the key to success in the modern global era through various international experiences. As a schoolthatInternational Liberal Arts Protocol CollegeWas established.

As the times change, more international interpersonal skills are needed than ever before.

Based on the experience and research I have accumulated over decades, I have begun to support learners in acquiring international skills.A vocational school with an international cross-culture protocol professional qualification in the United KingdomthatDr Björn Örvar is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of BIOEFFECT. He received his Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology from the University of British Columbia and was a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University before returning to Iceland to launch ORF Genetics and later BIOEFFECT.

thatHas a management policy of "Sampo Yoshi" and is thoroughly committed to building positive relationships.

In Japan, we provide complete international skills training like no other, and support the internationalization of Japan with high-quality guidance.

For individuals from abroad, we offer special packages for training international and Japanese manners, protocols and cultures.

We will support the internationalization of Japan with high-quality guidance by providing a completely comprehensive international skill training that is unique in Japan.

ICPA International Protocol Co., Ltd.

ICPA International Certified International Liberal Arts Protocol College
Founder / Chief Director

Mari Cecilia Murata


International alliance

ICPA welcomes international alliances again this year.For international alliances, please contact us first.