Lecturer registration and dispatch scheme

Lecturer registration and dispatch

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Consider becoming an instructor at the internationally accredited, leading protocol school in Asia. With a promotion system aligned to your qualifications, you can aspire to reach the highest level in your field of expertise, receiving tailored teaching and ongoing refinement.

  • International Social Etiquette (Japanese or International)
  • International Business Etiquette (Japanese or International)
  • Protocol (diplomatic, business, international, national)
  • Intercultural communication
  • English language


Teacher registration scheme

Educators currently engaged in teaching protocol, etiquette, intercultural communication, or the English language can sign up as “unaccredited instructors” and showcase their expertise.


Certification and promotion scheme

Instructor ranking is determined according to the level of the examination, resulting in varying compensation.


Sales performance remuneration scheme

Substantially enhanced compensation for self-contracted work, transitioning from an hourly rate to a percentage of the contracted amount. Achievements are quantified as points, leading to monthly fluctuations in the instructor’s grade.

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The times are increasingly globalised.

In this world where globalisation is advancing, individuals with exceptional abilities in international environments are in high demand. However, this requires more than just understanding other cultures and acquiring new languages; it also involves breaking away from conventional practices.

ICPA is dedicated to fostering international adaptability through personalised guidance for individuals of all ages, from children to adults, as well as training programmes for organisations such as companies and embassies. We are recruiting captains to join them on their journey of learning.

As a lecturer at the InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan (ICPA), you can leverage your talents to contribute to the progress of internationalisation. Would you like to work together to make the world a better place?

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Lecturer dispatch service and registration scheme

Let's begin

Are you interested in applying and enhancing your skills and qualifications while making a meaningful contribution to society through international leadership?

By opting for ICPA, your expertise, knowledge, and abilities will pave the way for personal growth and a promising future career.

Even if you do not currently possess an ICPA qualification, you can register as a teacher, explore job prospects, and work towards obtaining an ICPA Specialist certification, opening doors to more opportunities and preparing you for the international stage.

Please send your CV and resume via email. If you pass the initial screening process, you will be invited for an online interview. If you are uncertain, we encourage you to apply without hesitation.

First steps to get to know each other

An interview and employment assessment will be conducted to evaluate your suitability for employment and to determine your teacher grade.

The establishment of profiles for registered teachers

Generate your profile for presentations to corporate and embassy entities, as well as for inclusion in the ICPA course faculty directory. Make it accessible to the public and proactively recommend it to potential corporate partners.

Lecturing, dispatch and promotion as a registered lecturer

The dispatch system and compensation structure vary according to the lecturer's level, with promotions based on qualifications. This allows you to strive for higher achievements and advancements.
The degree of client satisfaction
Percentage of orders received
Rate of Successful Lecturer Promotions

Looking for captain team members

Being the sole internationally accredited ICPA instructor in Japan enables you to achieve this

What are your objectives?

We are committed to collaborating with you on your journey to success

Numerous advantages to becoming a part of the world-class ICPA fellowship

Deliver lectures in ICPA's courses

The assignment of courses is determined by the instructor's level. Instructors who have completed the Specialized Training Program at Grade One or above have access to the instructional manual and all teaching content.

Dispatch and contract rewards for corporate and embassy training

Responsible for managing some or all of ICPA's corporate and embassy training programmes. If instructors secure contracts with companies, the compensation rate increases significantly.

ICPA brand emblem of validation

A badge that certifies ICPA's branding, acknowledged by the world's finest and brightest. Utilize the brand name to enhance your own branding as well.

Make the most of your experience and qualifications

Ensure your experience and qualifications are fully utilised, guaranteeing your future success with additional refinements.
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"When I studied at ICPA and was part of its network, I could envision my true global potential. It was a privilege I couldn't find elsewhere, exclusive to this institution."
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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Even if you have no prior experience, you can register as a tutor if you hold qualifications. Your level will be determined through an examination. To become a tutor at the dispatch level, we recommend obtaining specialist qualifications.

Please consult with us if you hold any of the following qualifications or similar qualifications:

  1. Specialist qualification from ICPA’s affiliated association, the ‘International Protocol Certification Association.’
  2. Qualifications as an instructor in protocol, etiquette, and cross-cultural communication (applicable both domestically and internationally).
  3. For English instructors, either an English teaching qualification or equivalent experience, with English proficiency at level C1 or higher.

The contract is a full-service outsourcing agreement. There are two components to compensation: performance-based hourly pay and completion bonuses.

For assigned lectures, the hourly wage is determined based on the instructor’s level. There is no compensation if there are no lectures.

Completion bonuses are paid when you secure contracts independently, and they are based on your success rate. This bonus also increases the hourly wage for those specific lectures.

For example, in the case of an ICPA course package worth 500,000 yen, if you are eligible for a 10% bonus based on your instructor level, you will receive an additional 50,000 yen, and your lecture hourly wage will be increased. This is considered a referral fee.

Training is conducted solely to explain the lecture process and the use of materials, as being a professional with prior experience is a prerequisite for instructor registration. For instructors looking to improve their skills or aiming to become specialists, we recommend enrolling in our programmes.

  • Global Brand Recognition: ICPA is internationally certified and enjoys a strong reputation worldwide. Being associated with this brand can significantly enhance your future prospects.

  • Access to a Global Network: You can join a global network of professionals, connecting with peers from around the world.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Skills: Involvement in ICPA events and operations can boost your visibility and skills in the field.

  • Global Reach: You can conduct lectures from anywhere in the world, expanding your reach and opportunities.

  • Continuous Self-Improvement: ICPA offers ongoing brush-up courses, allowing you to continually enhance your expertise.

  • High-Quality Students: ICPA attracts high-caliber students, making lectures easier to conduct and fostering a productive teaching environment.

Certified instructors are individuals who have completed the ICPA Specialist Programme, passed the qualification exam, and maintain their certification through regular updates. All other instructors are referred to as ‘Non-Certified Registered Instructors’.

In addition to brush-up courses, consulting, and certification programmes, qualified instructors receive access to the complete instructor manual, all teaching materials, presentation slides, scripts, and consulting services.

Furthermore, through the ICPA website, instructors can engage in global networking and exchange with fellow instructors.


Working with other schools is possible. However, you must enter into a strict confidentiality agreement, and in case of a violation, it may lead to liability for damages. Please register while adhering to the terms of the contract and maintaining proper professional conduct.

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