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The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan

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Why is it that knowledge and skills in cross-cultural understanding, international etiquette and protocol have a greater impact than mere language skills?

Enhance global communication skills!

Japan's Premier Internationally Accredited International Protocol School

Certified By The International Protocol Accreditation Association

Association of selected organisations in only five countries worldwide Exclusive accreditation for Japan

Why is ICPA selected?

The leading International protocol school in Japan


Comprehensiveness and flexibility

ICPA offers professional and comprehensive group programmes and individual training, all bespoke to the unique requirements of each client.


Professionalism and internationalism

ICPA excels in training for international protocols, encompassing both Eastern and Western cultures, as well as providing global education founded on theories of intercultural understanding.


Highly specialised training

ICPA provides training services to embassies, government agencies, and companies, as well as specialised lecturer training and dispatch.

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What global communication skills are required beyond language?

What abilities do you deem essential in today’s global society? Many would argue that language proficiency is paramount. However, it’s crucial to recognise that language serves as a mere tool. Assessing the effectiveness of international communication becomes challenging solely through language acquisition. Hence, many stress the need for “human skills” alongside linguistic abilities.

But what exactly are these human skills, and what specific competencies are needed?

In the global context, human skills encompass empathy, compassion, cultural awareness, adaptability, and collaboration. Despite their significance, some view these skills as inherent traits.

Imagine if there were guidelines for developing these skills. Such guidance could potentially alleviate the challenges associated with cultivating these qualities, don’t you think?

Indeed, it would. This is where International Protocol, International Manners, and Cross-Cultural Theory come into play.

By acquiring proficiency in these areas, you not only enhance your politeness but also refine your human skills, crucial in navigating international interactions.

Consider this scenario: while you may have a basic understanding of what’s expected in a particular country, executing those expectations in detail isn’t always straightforward. You might find it challenging to discern the correct course of action, even with online information at your disposal.

Enter The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA.

ICPA stands as the sole internationally accredited school in Japan and the premier institution in Asia for international etiquette and protocol. Here, you’ll not only learn the art of graceful behaviour but also gain insights into handling diverse situations in intercultural exchanges and delve into intercultural theory. The latter proves invaluable in comprehending the nuances of various cultures, surpassing the benefits of language learning alone.

Moreover, ICPA extends its teachings to foreigners seeking an understanding of Japanese culture, etiquette, and business manners.

If your aspirations include success on the global stage, we eagerly anticipate welcoming you to ICPA.

Master international etiquette and protocol to enhance global competence

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Global Experts and Partners

Ayman Aly Kamel

Assistant Minister for Asia, Australia, New Zealand, & the Pacific Islands

Assistant Minister for Asia, Australia, New Zealand, & the Pacific Islands

Honorary Patron of the ICPA

William Hanson

The English Manner


“If you are ever unsure about whether something is correct or not, then my golden rule is: ‘if in doubt, don’t’."

Jimmy Beale

The English Education

Study Abroad UK


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