Manners and protocols are deep spirituality and are one of the international cultures (liberal arts) that can be learned from ancient philosophies.

There are still few people in Japan who understand that learning manners and protocols requires knowledge and understanding of history and philosophy.

However, the Etiquette Protocol has existed since the Egyptian era when humans created society, and it has been transformed and inherited today.

From now on, it is not just "courtesy", but "essential culture for living as a human being", academics, and philosophical culture.

Therefore, at ICPA, these lessons are conducted from history and deepen spirituality.

Misunderstanding of learning manners

Speaking of etiquette, I have the impression that I learn "how to eat", "how to write letters", and "how to do XX", and in Japan, especially for women, "lessons" It is often neglected as a part of it and not necessary for social life.

Or, it's really disappointing that most people think that it's just self-development or self-development, and that it's less important than work. I am telling you that.

Of course, there is a lot to be gained from it, but there is probably some recognition that it is "non-essential behavior".

All tips in life, business or personal life

Learning from Greek philosophy, especially from the Egyptian to Greek eras, is directly linked to modern business, diplomacy, and personal social skills.

People have been and will continue to use the term "manner," expressing courtesy and compassion, and living a social life with each other while respecting others.

People lose sight of themselves when they can't afford it, even if they think of themselves as "strong" and "I'm okay."Or you lose yourself when you get what you want.When you're busy, you forget important things.

That "momentary" relaxation can easily lead to a loss of trust for the rest of your life.

Business, diplomacy, and private life are determined by "people"

With money, status and honor, these don't work.As long as a person is a person, life is determined by the "person."

Values ​​that cannot be bought with money, that is, "time," "experience," "knowledge," "trust," and "life," determine the core part of life, and what you get from "who and how you interacted" to change.

Business is "people". "Diplomatic" is a national business, so it is a "person."Everyday life is a "person."

By learning the basics, philosophically understanding, and learning from history, you will be able to better understand "people" and "self."That leads to deep spirituality and fosters deep knowledge and humanity.

Why liberal arts are so important

The reason why liberal arts, which are being researched in Europe and the United States, are so important is that it is known that all skills can be cultivated by improving humanity by acquiring that academic discipline.

It is an essential skill for both business and diplomacy, and its learning.

~ Learning is moving ~ The richness of life is "who you met, what you learned, what you experienced" Let's learn and learn together Let's be impressed by everyone ICPA Director

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