InterCultural Protocol Academy becomes a specialist training school and its sister school, the Academy of Elegance, becomes a finishing school

From 2023, the initiatives will be further enhanced and ICPA will present a range of activities, including ICPA as a place for serious learning, the Elegance Academy as a place for fun and elegance, and the Social Club as a salon again.

The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan -ICPA is a specialist school of international protocol that trains individuals, companies, embassies and professionals.

While continuing to offer courses for the general public and corporate training, the InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan has now become a specialist school for the training of professionals with the aim of developing human resources who can play an active role in Japan and the world.

ICPA’s sister school, The Academy of Elegance, has become an official finishing school for individuals who wish to improve themselves and aspire to a glamorous world where they can learn the elegant behaviour, dance and social etiquette of the ballroom world.

The ICPA group is divided into two schools: The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan -ICPA , a serious school of learning and skill development for the enhancement of your career, and the Academy of Elegance, a private school for the enhancement of your personal life.

The following is an explanation of the four components of the ICPA.

The future of The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA

In 2021, ICPA became an accredited member of the Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, the world’s leading VIP protocol association, and has been more active than ever in offering courses in international protocol, international etiquette, international business etiquette and international business communication skills. The Academy has also been active in offering online courses in international protocol, international etiquette and international business and communication skills to a global audience.

The concept is to “connect people and the world” and continue to contribute to the globalisation of the world.

The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA teaches first class international protocol and the associated dignified English to those who are serious about learning, acquiring skills and qualifications, gaining confidence, improving their career and personal development, and aspiring to first class status.

The Academy is now aimed at people who are serious about becoming first class and focus more on global citizens.

In 2023, we began specialising in vocational training and issuing vocational qualifications worldwide, welcoming students from around the world.

We will continue to specialise in teaching international protocol, Japanese protocol and global communication, with a focus on international professional training, issuing certificates and working with global people who want to be first class.

Programmes of The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan

The Academy of Elegance

The Academy of Elegance, on the other hand, was originally a dance school for elegant behaviour. It also offered etiquette courses, but it was a school where amateurs came to learn.

However, on this occasion, we have taken all the glamorous elements of The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA and re-launched it as an official ‘finishing school’.

The Academy of Elegance is now the only finishing school in Japan that is accredited by The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA, a school specialising in international protocol, and also organises ballroom dancing and graduation ceremony royal tours to the UK, as well as running a ballroom s salon.

The school mainly caters for people from Asia who are looking for noble elegance, aspiring upper-class social celebrities or already involved in upper-class social life, and offers noble lessons and social gatherings to nurture them into fine social circles.

For those who have completed the etiquette course, the Academy also organises a Royal Cultural Tour as part of the Graduation Ceremony Tour.

Website of The Academy of Elegance

International Protocol Accreditation Association organises examinations

The International Protocol Accreditation Association, the exclusive affiliate of The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA, conducts examinations. These are also being prepared for worldwide use. There are eight levels in three categories – International Protocol, International Social Etiquette and Gentlemen’s Studies, and International Business Protocol and Intercultural Theory – and examinations from level 5 to level 3 can be taken online.

In the future, for global purposes, we are considering offering a hassle-free exam certificate to those who come to ICPA’s classroom courses in Japan by taking the exam on site.

There are also plans for the expansion of the exam as a global certification exam through the effective use of the online system.

In Japan, we are officially issuing the ‘International Protocol Certificate’, a structure that enables learners to aim higher.

Website of The International Protocol Accreditation Association (English pages are under construction)

The Royal Elegance Salon, a social salon attached to the Academy of Elegance, hosts elegant social gatherings and aristocratic tours

Finally, there is the Royal Elegance Salon, a social club attached to the Academy of Elegance.

The term ‘salon’ originally referred to social gatherings at court or in the residences of the nobility. It was a place where the master (often the mistress) would invite cultural figures, scholars and writers to enjoy intellectual conversation.

This social club imitated this style and, in 2018, began to work towards becoming an elegant, noble, intellectual and cosmopolitan salon. Here, those who have studied at these schools create a beautiful and elegant social space where they can enjoy culture and art together, and where they can promote intellectual conversation and socialising. It is a salon where people can dress up, enjoy food, wine and music in an elegant manner, and educate each other.

The Salon took a break in the run-up to The Bunquette Ball, the ICPA’s celebratory dinner in 2022, but has now reopened.

From now on, we will remain faithful to the “Salon” concept and continue our activities as an elegant, noble and intellectual international salon. We hope to be involved in charitable activities in the future.

Royal Elegance Salon website page

ICPA Committed to International Social Contribution

All four activities are interrelated, and members and students participate in each with the aim of improving themselves, enjoying learning and socialising, and improving society.

You are welcome to come along on any of these activities. You may find your horizons broadened.

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