What is the essential thinking ability on the international stage?Logical Thinking and Critical Thinking

When you think about what you need in the international community, some people still say "English".Such people tend to be satisfied with their TOEIC scores, thinking that if they can only speak English, they will be able to solve everything, but in reality, they cannot use English and are not one of the international strengths.

I have talked about the fact that English alone is not enough to survive in the international community.

Skills required in international business are thinking ability, language ability, speaking ability, and skill.

What is thinking ability?

What does thinking power mean about things?It is a skill called.

Today's Japanese often say this. "There are various ways of thinking" and "values ​​are different", but there is nothing that can be done with this.

At first glance, this word sounds like it's accepting others, but instead, it's used to get rid of the hassle of "thinking."

In short, I'm not trying to understand the opinions of others from the beginning.Is to say.

You don't have to understand it, it's important to find a better "answer" in the exchange of ideas.

Many Japanese people do not go through this important process, so there are relationships such as "only the top," "no essence," and "thinness."

And it is often the case that you make the wrong decision about the other person's behavior, decide the other person's answer, think badly, and do not dig into it.For example, it is a sound that makes you think extremely that "the other person disagrees with you because you hate yourself."

When I go out to the international community, this kind of thinking is not dealt with at all.Even if it is decided on its own like that, the story will not move forward.

And the person who made the decision cannot say his own opinion, and feels that he has been "spoken" by himself.

If that happens, all the possibilities will be crushed, and it will be impossible to discuss on an equal footing internationally, and you will lose confidence in yourself.For this reason, many people overseas say that they are "heartbreaking."

Theoretical and critical thinking

Typical thinking skills are so-called logical thinking and critical thinking. (Logical Thinking, Critical Thinking)

With these, you will be able to make full use of your thinking and have good quality discussions in any situation.

Theoretical thinking is very simple and draws conclusions based on reasoning.Since it leads to a theoretical conclusion, there is a convincing reason for everyone, and it leads to a peaceful conclusion.

It is a fact-proof conclusion that has been theorized so that there is no other choice, so it can be convinced. Because it is a "fact".

If there are A = B and A = C, then the conclusion is A = C.

However, theoretical thinking erases the "potential".

Even with a clear reason, we cannot prove the "hidden facts".That is the fact of "why".Then, in fact, we can reach that the force hidden in the shadow was operating.

Finding deeper answers is critical thinking, so-called Critical Thinking.

This way of thinking allows you to think to the limits of human thinking, so you can draw better conclusions.

By questioning the facts and pondering them, you will reach the hidden facts.

For example, the issue is, "Should Company A reduce its scale, reduce spending, and make a profit?" We will discuss this issue by various means.

At that time, I think about things from many perspectives and draw conclusions.

Not surprisingly, there are pros and cons, and more factual opinions are adopted. Detective's reasoning etc. use this method because it is an answer that comes from having a "question".

It is a necessary skill not only for corporate officers and teachers, but also for detectives, police, lawyers, judges, and others who are in a position to identify, prove facts, and judge.

To hone your thinking

This thinking skill can be acquired through special training.

Thinking power is trained by discipline.

Simply doing what you feel without thinking will have no effect.Thinking power from various angles needs to broaden the perspective both literary and mathematically.

Issues, hypotheses, reasoning, reasoning, interpretations, theories

Use your skills to inflate your thoughts from every angle.Then, discuss it with others and invite them to solve the problem.

It is a skill that you can acquire by continuing all exercises for a long time.

It is good to improve your thinking ability

Broaden your horizons: You can see things from different perspectives

You will be able to solve the problem: the problem will be solved because it is a thought to lead to the solution.

Gain insight: gain the ability to see people and things

Don't draw emotional conclusions: You can find the right answer without being swept away by emotions alone

Relationships work: Reasonable thinking helps you maintain good relationships with people

Globally and socially recognized: The more you think, the more international you will be.

Acquire international thinking skills and succeed in the international community


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