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International Protocol Training

International Protocol Training for those who are Achieving the top of the world

Do you have any of these people development concerns?

Your company needs to develop the skills required for global business leaders.
Global people development only includes English language training, but you feel it is a waste of time.
Your team needs skills other than English.
You are seeking more effective techniques for cross-cultural communication.
You feel managing cross-cultural teams is challenging.
You wish to ensure that your employees behave in a way that is appropriate for an international company.

There are many other issues that need to be addressed in relation to international business and life development.
Especially for those in senior positions, it can be particularly challenging to take the opportunity to learn, both in terms of time and position.

What if you could change these concerns in just a few months and make them permanent?

When employees are able to communicate competently across cultures, unnecessary relationship problems are eliminated and global business runs more smoothly.

When executives master international protocol, the quality of the company increases and management skills improve.

In embassies, diplomatic skills are obviously a skill that everyone should acquire.

With The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA’s corporate and embassy training, all these problems can be solved in a matter of months.

If you want to succeed on the international stage in this age of abundant goods and services, technology and products alone are not enough to differentiate you from your competitors.

There is one thing that separates the companies and organisations that become world class from the rest of the population, and the answer lies in the study of international protocol.

International protocol is the networking rope that binds people together. Protocol is based on etiquette, but as countries change, so do cultures and methods. The spirit of courtesy is very important to work smoothly in different value systems and to move people’s hearts and minds as long as they are involved.

On this basis, intercultural understanding, the practice of protocol and smooth communication across cultures can be learned and used in business and diplomacy.

The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA provides all this learning.

Improve the quality of your organisation many times over and succeed globally.


Training By Internationally Certified World-Class Experts

International Protocol Training Programmes

One-Off Training To Dedicated International Protocol Consulting Services

  1. ICPA is the only Japanese organisation to be internationally accredited by a global group of protocol executives.
  2. Proposals from three corporate training packages
  3. One-off training course 3 months ~
  4. Dedicated consulting service for constant support
  5. Curriculum structure to ensure that your company’s goals are achieved
  6. Directly supervised by an internationally accredited international protocol lecturer with a full combination of knowledge and experience.
  7. Information gathered from a world-leading global network

Knowledge Checks With International Protocol Certification Tests

International Protocol Certification Association-Get ranks with IPAA certification

Dedicated international Protocol consulting services

We Work With You On All Projects As Your Exclusive Consulting Partner

  • Solving specific problems
  • Advice from a professional’s point of view
  • Identify already existing projects
  • Consulting support for VIP event planning

Essential skills for global organisations

International Protocol Training, Leading your business to success


International Protocol Short Course

One-off training packages combining the required topics


International Protocol 1 Year Consultation

Dedicated consulting service Training and support for one year


International Protocol 3 Years Dedicated Consultation

Exclusive consulting service Training and support for three years

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