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Business is all about people

The sole international protocol training program in Japan specializing in intercultural communication

What if you could address these concerns within a few months and make lasting changes?

When employees possess effective cross-cultural communication skills, unnecessary relationship problems are eliminated, leading to smoother global business operations.

Executives who master international protocol contribute to an improved company quality and enhanced management skills.

Diplomatic skills are an essential acquisition for individuals working in embassies.

With The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA’s corporate and embassy training, all these challenges can be resolved within a matter of months.

In today’s age of abundant goods, services, and technology, simply relying on products alone is not enough to differentiate your organisation on the international stage.

The key factor that sets world-class companies and organisations apart lies in the study of international protocol.

International protocol serves as the networking thread that binds people together. As countries and cultures evolve, etiquette and practices also change. The spirit of courtesy is vital for seamlessly working within different value systems and captivating people’s hearts and minds.

Building upon this foundation, intercultural understanding, protocol application, and smooth communication across cultures can be learned and applied in business and diplomacy.

The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA provides comprehensive learning opportunities in these areas.

Enhance your organisation’s quality manifold and achieve global success.


Training By Internationally Certified World-Class Experts

International Protocol Training Programmes for embassies and corporations

One-Off Training To Dedicated International Protocol Consulting Services

ICPA is the only British-accredited Japanese organisation, recognised by a global consortium of protocol executives. Choose from three corporate training packages:

  • Comprehensive training course spanning three months or more
  • Tailored consulting service for ongoing support
  • Structured curriculum designed to meet your company’s specific goals.

Benefit from the guidance of an internationally accredited lecturer in international protocol, possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Access information sourced from a world-leading global network.

Knowledge Checks With International Protocol Certification Tests

International Protocol Certification Association-Get ranks with IPAA certification

Dedicated international Protocol consulting services

We Work With You On All Projects As Your Exclusive Consulting Partner

  • Solving specific problems
  • Advice from a professional’s point of view
  • Identify already existing projects
  • Consulting support for VIP event planning

Essential skills for global organisations

International Protocol Training: Guiding Your Business to Success


Comprehensive Curriculum

Our International Protocol Training offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of global etiquette, cultural understanding, and effective communication in various cross-cultural contexts. From protocol basics to advanced techniques, participants gain a deep understanding of international norms and practices.


Experienced and Accredited Instructors

Our training programme is conducted by experienced and internationally accredited instructors who possess extensive knowledge and practical expertise in international protocol. They bring a wealth of real-world insights and examples, ensuring a highly engaging and informative learning experience.


Tailored Approach

We understand that each business is unique, so our International Protocol Training takes a tailored approach to address specific organisational needs. Whether it’s improving cross-cultural teamwork, enhancing diplomatic skills, or fostering effective international business relationships, our training is customised to meet the specific goals and challenges of your business.

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