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In the 21st century, companies, embassies and other organisations are seeking to further improve the quality of their human resources and become more successful on the global stage.

Success in today’s diverse global society requires understanding and communication skills that transcend cultures, ages and countries.

At ICPA, foreign companies are simultaneously trained in Japanese etiquette, protocol, culture and people, as well as international etiquette and protocol. It is a learning experience that can be imparted even to its very roots in Japan, the land of courtesy.

When aiming for success on the international stage, in this age of overflowing goods and services, technology and products alone cannot distinguish you from your competitors.

There is one thing that distinguishes the companies and organisations that become first-class from the rest of the general public.

That is, they have attention to every detail, they do a multitude of small touches, and they grant them with great care.

International protocol is the rope of a network that connects people. Protocol is based on etiquette and courtesy, but as countries change, cultures change and methods change. The spirit of courtesy is very important in order for people to be able to work smoothly with different values and to influence the minds of people as long as they are involved.

On top of that, you learn intercultural understanding, practise protocol, and communicate smoothly across cultures, which can then be used for business and diplomacy.

This study is related to a wide range of disciplines, including history, philosophy, psychology and the anthropology of brain science. If you draw on history and philosophy to understand human behaviour, you will develop enterprises.


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  1. ICPA is the only Japanese organisation to be internationally accredited by a global group of protocol executives.
  2. Groups involving members of the British royal family.
  3. Proposals from three corporate training packages
  4. One-off training course 3 months ~
  5. Dedicated consulting service for constant support
  6. Curriculum structure to ensure that your company’s goals are achieved
  7. Directly supervised by an internationally accredited international protocol lecturer with a full combination of knowledge and experience.
  8. Information gathered from a world-leading global network

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  • Solving specific problems
  • Advice from a professional’s point of view
  • Identify already existing projects
  • Consulting support for VIP event planning

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