ICPA Group Celebrates with a Magnificent Celebration at The Ball 2022 in Honour of its 5th Anniversary

The above highlights the festivities of The Ball 2022, where ICPA Group celebrated its 5th anniversary and unveiled its future plans and activities. ICPA Group continues to support the personal growth and enchanting lives of participants through rich social interactions and cultural exchanges. Stay tuned for the upcoming activities of ICPA Group.

ICPA Group, the renowned institution in international protocol education, commemorated its 5th anniversary in 2022 with a grand event called The Ball 2022. This event surpassed all previous ones in the history of The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. As a significant milestone, the occasion brought together ICPA Group’s students and members, who collaborated to create a truly exquisite event, marking a fresh beginning. Congratulations to all the award recipients on their well-deserved recognition.

Highlights of The Ball 2022

In this article, we will delve into the highlights of The Ball 2022.

The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA Group operates the ICPA International Protocol Academy and the Elegance Salonde Cécilia, providing an elegant social platform that fosters cultural exchange and connects people from different backgrounds. The salonde offers a social gathering where participants can share culture while enjoying fine dining and wine, creating a community where learning is both enriching and enjoyable. The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA’s courses place significant emphasis on event organisation, upholding the values of manners, etiquette, and the importance of human connections. The ceremonial dinner of The Ball served as a prime occasion to apply the acquired knowledge and skills.

The sister school, Elegance Academy, specialises in social dance and etiquette, functioning as a finishing school where elegance is refined. At The Ball 2022, students from Elegance Academy showcased their dance performances, adding to the artistic extravaganza that also featured art performances and operas, making it a day of celebration.

The splendid venue for the 5th anniversary and award ceremony was the enchanting ballroom of Tokyo Station Hotel.

The Organising Team

As a special milestone, the 5th anniversary saw the formation of an organising team comprising ICPA Group students. Event organisation is an integral part of the international protocol curriculum, and students had the opportunity to contribute to this grand event, which showcased their remarkable talents. Over the course of 8 months, the team held meetings and brainstorming sessions, resulting in a magnificent theme. The year was filled with ideas centred around achieving victory, fostering camaraderie, strengthening bonds, and attaining personal accomplishments. Together, they fulfilled their role as event organisers, making the occasion possible despite the challenges they encountered.

The Significance of Event Organisation in International Protocol

Event organisation is not merely an auxiliary role but an integral part of the practical learning experience. Typically, only members who have obtained specialist qualifications undertake such important positions. However, in this instance, even students from the general courses were given the opportunity to assume highly esteemed roles. Their exceptional dedication and ability enabled them to overcome obstacles and successfully organise the event.

Adding a New Chapter: Future Endeavours

During The Ball 2022, in addition to celebrating the 5th anniversary and honouring award recipients, ICPA Group announced its future endeavours. Going forward, ICPA Group aims for further growth and captivating activities. The 5th anniversary serves as a turning point, marking the beginning of a new phase.

ICPA Group is committed to expanding its range of events and programmes, promoting the allure of cultural arts and refined social interactions to a wider audience. This includes enhancing international protocol courses and seminars, organising cultural exchange events, and providing education programmes in social dance and etiquette. Moreover, ICPA Group aims to create networking opportunities, both domestically and internationally, enabling participants to deepen connections with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. By facilitating international exchanges and fostering mutual understanding, ICPA Group will continue to strive towards becoming an organization of significant international influence.

ICPA Group will continue to provide students and members with a fulfilling environment for learning and personal growth. Through various programs and courses, participants can acquire specialized knowledge and practical skills in areas such as manners, etiquette, cultural arts, and communication. ICPA Group celebrates its 5th anniversary as a significant milestone, initiating a new chapter with a determination to deliver captivating activities for the future. Its mission is to assist participants and stakeholders in building fulfilling lives and enriching relationships. Look forward to the future activities of ICPA Group, as it strives to bridge cultures and nurture the hearts of individuals.

A Captivating Scene at The Ball 2022

The above highlights the festivities of The Ball 2022, where ICPA Group celebrated its 5th anniversary and unveiled its future plans and activities. ICPA Group continues to support the personal growth and enchanting lives of participants through rich social interactions and cultural exchanges. Stay tuned for the upcoming activities of ICPA Group.

The Significance of The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA and its International Influence

ICPA Group, formerly known as The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA, is Japan’s only internationally accredited institution for training protocol specialists. It proudly represents Japan as a recommended member of the Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World, an executive organization consisting of one representative from each of the five countries worldwide. The organization includes renowned schools founded by former members of the British royal family, British etiquette schools, and schools specialising in protocol experts involved in royal weddings and state ceremonies across Europe and America.

ICPA Group stands as a leading institution for international protocol education in Japan, excelling not only in Western but also Eastern protocol. This distinctive characteristic sets ICPA Group apart from other institutions and establishes it as the representative school for Eastern protocol within Japan. Furthermore, ICPA Group places great emphasis on corporate and embassy training programmes, both domestically and internationally, earning the trust of organisations from various sectors.

ICPA Group holds a significant presence and international influence in the realm of international protocol. Leveraging its international network and expertise, ICPA Group is committed to contributing to Japanese and global society. Its mission involves fostering the development of protocol education in Japan, promoting international exchanges, and supporting individuals in achieving success in business and personal growth.

ICPA Group stands as a testament to Japan’s pride in its international presence and expertise in the field of international protocol.

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