Global Specialist Programme


Global Specialist Certification for Worldwide Activities

Under our accredited qualification, you will be able to conduct lecturing and professional activities all over the world.

  • This course is a face-to-face course.
  • You will be issued with a licence that is renewable for one year.
  • The school can be used as an accredited teacher or franchise school.

All application procedures must be completed at least four months before the start of the programme.

Please write in the comment section which programme below you wish to attend.

  1. International Etiquette – The Royal Elegance Captain
  2. Global Business Protocol and Intercultural Theory – The Global Professional Captain
  3. Global Diplomatic Protocol – The World Citizen Captain
  4. Japanese Etiquette and Protocol
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Global Specialist Certification for Worldwide Activities

  • Includes all costs for some meals, venue, materials, administration fees, support costs, textbooks, teacher materials supplies, annual renewal certification and monthly consulting.
  • Available from one person.
  • No previous experience is required.
  • Global Specialist licence: 30 hours Global Expert licence: 30 hours Global Franchise licence: all inclusive
  • Licenses are subject to a renewal fee (loyalty).
  • Lectures in English; C1 Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) English level is required. No English language certificate is required. If you do not speak English, you can still attend the course through your own interpreter. Depending on the level of conversation, students may also be able to attend at B2 level.
  • For licences in Japanese, see Qualifications for Japanese trainers.
  1. Global Specialist / Expert Global Licence Certificate: allows you to deliver ICPA courses. During the licence period, you have access to all up-to-date materials, PowerPoints, manuals, video courses, consulting services and student communities required for teaching. It provides a Global Specialist / Master Global Licence badge in data file with ICPA logo for your to use for your brand materials.
  2. Global Franchise Licence Certificate: accredits your school. During the licence period, you will have access to all necessary materials for teaching, PowerPoints, manuals, video courses, profiles, management consultancy, etc as well as a right to use the ICPA logo. It provides a Global Franchise Licence badge in data file with ICPA logo for your to use for your brand materials.
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