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The ICPA Japanese Etiquette and Protocol program is designed for people from outside of Japan.

Increasingly, people are becoming interested in Japan, a country with a culture that is unique in the world.

Japanese culture and etiquette can be difficult to understand unless you have been born and raised in Japan and have received a Japanese education.

The key is how well you understand Japan and Japanese culture. Japan is a country that represents soft skills and nonverbal communication, which is a very unique characteristic.

Japanese people are thoughtful, sensitive, humble and proud, and do not speak their minds or show their emotions. There is a sense of distance in their relationships with people, and even if they have known each other for decades, this distance is seldom reduced Because of the importance they attach to relationships with people, they take a relatively long time before deciding on business matters.

If you wish to or have to deal with such Japanese people or Japanese companies, the first thing you will be expected to be polite and respectful.

Japanese people gauge how much they are willing to understand Japanese culture. In Japan, there is a saying that 'it is extremely rude to step into someone's house with your feet', and there is also the fact that 'behind the curtains is unknown' The idea of ​​'home' is deeply rooted, and once you enter that 'home', you have to follow its policies.

Japan is truly a country of 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do'.

Such a spirit was formed as far back as 10,000,000 years ago in ancient Japan, so it is impossible to understand it overnight. However, if you understand how to behave and what not to do when dealing with the Japanese, they will treat non-Japanese relatively kindly.

ICPA's Japanese Etiquette and Protocol Program teaches these extremely complex Japanese manners and protocols in a way that is easy for foreigners to understand.

Learn about beautiful Japan.

If you wish to learn the International Etiquette and Protocol in English, please go to other pages .

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