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Experience Briefing Session

This is an online trial briefing with a choice of fixed dates. You can hear the whole story and experience lessons. If the dates do not suit you, you can book in person.

International Etiquette and Protocol Workshop

*Courses marked ‘online’ or 🌐 are held online

Japanese Etiquette and Protocol Workshop

*Courses marked ‘online’ or 🌐 are held online

Private Sessions

A fully personalised lesson, customised just for you. We can tailor it to your requirements.

International protocol studies

Advantages of International Protocol taster sessions

The International Protocol Academy ICPA, the leading provider of international protocol training in Japan, has reached a point in your life where you are concerned about the following issues?

You have the desire to work internationally, but are concerned about your current skills.
You are confident in your skills but sometimes feel uncomfortable about your behaviour when interacting with people from other countries.
You would like to qualify as a protocol professional who can work internationally, but you do not know where to go.
You want to develop your career and become more successful and are looking for learning that will enable you to do this.
You have concerns about intercultural interaction

You may have a wide range of concerns. You probably came here with a simple wish to change something, to be better than you are now, or to be happier.

Would you like to make your wish come true?

You can change everything you have given up or thought impossible by changing just one simple thing. Why not enrich your life many times over with this magical and inspiring learning experience?

Only at The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan ICPA can you learn the world-renowned International Protocol. This learning is so great and learning it will put you on the path to success wherever you go.

It is designed to provide the best opportunities for those who have a desire to learn, and we invite you to try our taster courses and see if it is right for you.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Be successful as a global elite

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