Master course (training of certified specialists)

¥2,000,000 - ¥8,000,000

ICPA certified instructor training course

Based on our school's accreditation, it is possible to work as a lecturer and expert.This qualification is still a certification that only a limited number of people have in Japan.

  • I want skills and qualifications that will be useful for the rest of my life
  • I want to work
  • I want to help people
  • I want expertise
  • I want to build a new career
  • I want to aim for the real thing as an instructor
  • I want to access the updated information


  1. Certified International Education Manners Specialist Certification
  2. Certified International Business Skills Cross Culture Specialist Certification
  3. Certified Diplomatic Ritual Protocol Specialist Certification

Lecturer Registration

Students who complete the course can register as certified teachers and qualify to give lectures around the world.





    • Food fee, venue fee, material fee, administrative fee, support fee, textbook fee, instructor material article fee, annual renewal certification, assistant training fee are all included.
    • We will support from 1 person.
    • If you pass the exam, you can take the master program.
    • If you have no experience, you need to complete the beginner and intermediate classes first, and then take the program.
    • There is a renewal fee for certification.
    • It also paves the way for the highest level of ICPA, "expert certification".

<Two types of qualifications>

  • Diploma: Advanced
  • License: Certified Instructor Qualification You can teach ICPA courses.During the license period, you will have access to all the latest materials, PowerPoint, manuals, video courses, etc. required by the instructor.

There is also a licensing program that teaches foreigners in English.

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Certified Specialist Qualification Program


Additional Information

Specialist category

General, executive


Individual, group