Having "broad thinking" instead of "good boy" who has a fixed thinking will make the best use of oneself and become an international power.

Especially for adults, Japanese students tend to answer only what they are told. You may have misunderstood that being a "good boy" is a good student.

Of course, listening to what you taught and coming out of your mouth is proof that you are listening, so that's great, but then, "What do you really think about it?" When I hear it, I suddenly panic.Or, if you are a wise person, say what you think the teacher heard.

But both are disappointing.The reason is that the world wants to hear the person's "real thoughts", not the "good child's answer" that the teacher wants to hear.

It is also required in the international arena.

Learning is not listening

Even though I'm listening silently, I'm angry even though I'm telling what I've learned.You may feel that way.However, the fact is that the answer is that you haven't learned properly.

If you misunderstand learning in the first place, you have neither a former nor a child.

Learning does not mean sitting on a good boy, silently listening to the teacher, taking notes, and speaking.

Classes are just a job of communicating guidelines, and the teacher is the person who presents them.You only learn by yourself.

You can see that learning is up to you by looking at a class of multiple students.

I listened to the same content to the same teacher at the same time, but one understood it well and the other did not understand it at all. Is it different?

The difference lies in thinking ability

The characteristics of people who cannot absorb what they are learning are as follows.

  • I don't know how to take notes
  • I can't write what I heard = I can't verbalize myself
  • Focus on simple "answers" and don't think about why
  • Have no doubts to discover for yourself
  • I believe the teacher will also make my own discoveries
  • I think that taking a course will make me smarter
  • What I don't understand is that the instructor thinks it's bad, and the instructor understands his feelings and it's natural, so he doesn't ask any questions.

I have no desire to discover it, so no matter how wonderful I hear it, it's from right to left.

Those who can absorb learning into themselves have the following characteristics

  • I know how to take notes
  • I can explain what I heard in my own words
  • Have doubts about the answer and try to inflate
  • Think about things from various perspectives, trying to discover for yourself
  • I know that the quality of learning will change on my own
  • I will do my best not to waste the course I choose and take
  • Pursue what you do not understand and discover for yourself

Learning is about discovering, and you can find yourself.

Learning does not mean receiving any information at the desk.Only knowledge can be learned by classroom lectures, and knowledge does not make any sense without experience.

To learn is to "discover" and to find out by yourself, and to "find out" based on what you have learned from the instructor and your own thoughts and questions is learning. ..

Beyond that, if you come across a discovery, you will be deeply moved and deeply attached to yourself.

To learn is to discover and be impressed.

~ Learning is moving ~ The richness of life is "who you met, what you learned, what you experienced" Let's learn and learn together Let's be impressed by everyone ICPA Director

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