International sense is in thinking, and international thinking becomes free and happiness sensitivity increases.

I think that becoming an international person means becoming a free person.

"Freedom" is a position where responsibility to oneself is extremely heavy.However, it means that you can be free to your own potential and endless thoughts without any restrictions from others.At international standards, this skill is often asked.This is the reason why the habit of modern Japanese people, who can only do what they are told and cannot think about, does not work in the world.

If you think this way, this learning will probably free you.For those who don't, this learning will be a botamochi that has fallen from the shelves.

  • I'm worried about the eyes around me
  • I can't say what I thought because I'm worried about the evaluation of the people around me
  • I lost my opinion in the training without opinion
  • I don't know what I want to do
  • I'm not confident in myself
  • It tends to match the opinions of neighbors and those around them.
  • When someone gives you an opinion, you feel like you're against yourself
  • I think it is useless to exchange opinions
  • I think the debate is a dispute

The idea was born from brainwashing

People with the above ideas will find it difficult to experience true happiness in their future lives.This is because this way of thinking is a value born in a limited world view, where individuality is deprived by Japanese education and the value of "same as those around us" is good.

Even if I think that this is my value, the belief that I made makes me think that I am doing what I have decided to do, and I am the true self. I don't know what it looks like. "

The reason why they have been brainwashed is that it is easy for the ruler to control if they do not have the same values ​​and ideas and give their opinions.

"It's bad to give an opinion."

If you make me think, I will force many people to think the same way, brainwash "I have to think so because many people say this", and increase the number of people steadily. ..

However, I will actually ask one person.

"Why do you think this is good?"

The answer is

"do not understand"

"Because other people say it's good."

"Because Mr. XX says it's good."

Such you.

International thinking can have and give out its own opinion

"So are you happy with that?"

When asked

"do not understand"

"I think this is what I say, so I think this is probably what makes me happy."

"I haven't really thought about it."

It will be.The point is that you don't feel happy.And I'm used to not feeling happiness, and I think it's "easy".

When you acquire international thinking, you will encounter unexpected "impressions".It's a tearful impression.

  • Things look exactly clear
  • Know what you want to do
  • I don't want to blame it even if I say it out
  • The people around me will recognize it
  • People will follow you
  • By giving an opinion that I thought was scary, people came to trust me
  • I can explain everything properly and feel free

I can't get an international sense somehow

This feeling is to acquire international thinking, and it is a skill that can be acquired by learning.

Learning international culture is about learning international thinking, becoming an international sense, being confident in yourself, and living a happy life.

~ Learning is moving ~ The richness of life is "who you met, what you learned, what you experienced" Let's learn and learn together Let's be impressed by everyone ICPA Director

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