In 2022, ICPA focuses on global corporate and embassy training, teaching foreigners and training expert lecturers


ICPA originally started out in the business of contributing to internationalisation through global human resources development, but has grown over the years and is now focusing more and more on its role as a link between the world and Japan by strengthening its global corporate training, the metropolitan global market and the training of instructors.

This article reports on ICPA’s activities in 2022 and 2023.

Business background of ICPA

ICPA was originally established in 2018 as a ‘global human resources development business’.

Initially, we provided corporate training, but at that time we concentrated on individual courses and conducted various courses with the aim of training instructors.

In 2019, the quality of ICPA’s courses was improved in the UK, with a recognised qualification as a specialist in international etiquette and intercultural communication; from four course categories, we started courses for the general public; in 2019, we started to offer courses in the UK, as a specialist in international etiquette and intercultural communication.

In 2020, during the Corona Disaster, the ICPA has focused on developing relationships with global partners and improving the quality of its courses, including by moving courses online and by adopting a policy of getting closer to the students who enrol. At the same time, the quality of our courses has been dramatically improved through our partnership with The English Manner, whose founder is a former member of the British Royal Family.

Exclusive international accreditation in Japan

In 2021, ICPA will be the only school in Japan to be exclusively accredited by the Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of The World, the global association of VIP protocol executives, and along with four other countries, provides a strong global network to keep up-to-date with the latest information and build relationships with each other. Since 2021, we have been involved in a project for a UK company.

LEPSW also has professionals in charge of planning and organising royal weddings and state dinners, providing a conduit of information not normally available.

International Protocol for embassy training and officer training

As a specialist school of international protocol, organisations that can be of particular help are companies and embassies.

As protocol is a rule of diplomacy, it is of course essential for embassies, but also for companies that are active on the global stage, especially at the executive level.

Essential skills for a global society (cross-cultural understanding theory) include employee training, international protocol and, at ICPA, a full programme of cross-cultural communication, so-called cross-cultural understanding theory.

In companies with global teams, cultural differences can be a constant source of trouble. This training is essential for employees at management level and above.

Not only cultural differences, but also different feelings and common sense can lead to different ways of dealing with them.

The ICPA’s Business Cross-Cultural Programme offers a complete and comprehensive study of international business etiquette, international business protocol and cross-cultural theory (cross-cultural understanding) as a course of study.

Why is International Protocol important for global corporations and executives

Training for foreign nationals and foreign companies

In the second half of 2022, we expanded into the global market and strengthened our previous courses on Japanese protocol.

We have organised programmes in three categories – Japanese Etiquette, Japanese Business Etiquette and Cross-Cultural Understanding, and Japanese Protocol – but we also offer customised one-off courses on request.

Online instruction is available, but coming to Japan to attend the courses is the most effective and popular.

In today’s global society, Japan’s visibility is increasing rapidly. In particular, the traditional ‘Accession Ceremony’ of the new Emperor in 2020 was broadcast live nationwide, allowing the world to see the weight of tradition that Japan has preserved for more than 1,500 years, and the wonderful imperial diplomacy of the Emperor and Empress became the headlines, immediately followed by the Tokyo Olympics.

More and more people are seeking the value of Japan, which until now has been an island of hidden mysteries, and also more companies wishing to do business with Japanese companies.

We place a lot of emphasis on this project, as we believe that the introverted Japanese culture can be communicated because of the diplomatic nature of ICPA. Our instructors are bilingual, have lived abroad for a long time and have a global mindset, which makes it easy for non-Japanese to learn.

In the future, we plan to organise cultural learning tours for foreigners, not only for special learning, but also for experience.

Specialist training

ICPA also focuses on training specialists.

We train teachers to teach international skills to Japanese people in Japanese and to teach Japanese manners and culture to foreigners in English.

Specialists are certified by the ICPA and can teach all over the world.

The Specialist Licence is a fully documented, complete consulting and coaching service that can be applied to your career with confidence.

Only and best one in Asia

No other school has this all-inclusive approach. As Asia’s number one protocol school, we will continue to contribute to the internationalisation of the world and to convey the beauty of Japan to the world.