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ICPA programmes are beneficial in the modern global society since the programmes are offered in Japan, a land of courtesy and non-verbal language. Find your course and apply now!

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  • All stages offer different topics
  • Certificate of Completion will be provided for each programme
  • Trainings will be conducted in Tokyo, Japan
  • These courses are available to English speakers from all over the world who wish to attend in Japan or online.
  • All course fees are invoiced in Japanese yen and are subject to consumption tax when attending a course in Japan. Please confirm this on the invoice when ordering.
  • Please also check the exchange rate for your country.
  • For other information on registration, please make sure to check the following application pages.

Please note that we ask all candidates to agree to our policies; go to “Application” page to find more.




  1. International / Japanese etiquette programme
  2. International / Japanese  Business Etiquette and InterCultural Programme
  3. International / Japanese Protocol Programme

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*Applications can be made for groups of one or more people.
*General courses start at beginner level.
*We only accept credit card payment from overseas.

If you are seeking licence courses, go to Global Licence Programme

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