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I should have arrived at this because I want to change the company and I want to change myself.That wish will come true.

The times are "soft skills" and "diplomatic skills."

When aiming for a top-notch on the international stage, every organization first focuses on technology.

However, in an era full of goods and services, technologies and products alone cannot make a difference from the competition.

There are some differences between the companies and organizations that go to the top.

It is "how small you can do".

This learning is the world of the best psychology and brain science.If you know how people work, you can grow your company.

As mentioned in the video, the international protocol training goes to ICPA, which has a first-class instructor.

Achievement example

Internationally certified world-class instructors

ICPA Corporate Training Program

Training to consulting services

  1. ICPA is Japan's only internationally recognized protocol executive group in the world
  2. A group involving British royal family members
  3. Proposals from three corporate training packages
  4. One-off training course 3 months ~
  5. Dedicated consulting service for constant support
  6. Curriculum structure to ensure that your goals are met and achieved
  7. Directly in charge of an internationally accredited international protocol instructor with knowledge and experience
  8. Collecting information from the world's leading global network

Skill confirmation in the certification exam

International Protocol Certification Association-Get ranks with IPAA certification

Dedicated consulting service

As your exclusive consultant, we will respond to any project.

  • I want to solve only specific problems
  • I don't have time to learn, so I want to receive advice from a professional's perspective
  • Check existing projects
  • I want consulting support for VIP event planning


Provides pre-existing knowledge without the need to take classes

For companies and organizations aiming for first-class

Chosen by leading companies

Serious support and problem-solving for corporate success, not just "how to do" Teaching the basics of learning, thinking ability, psychology, and brain science

ICPA-only teaching features that cannot be obtained anywhere else

Diplomacy for companies and organizations

Lead your company to success

For companies that are more active globally


30 hours

One-off training package that combines necessary topics from the course


1 年 間

Exclusive consulting service Training and 1 year support


3 年 間

Exclusive consulting service Training and 3 year support

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ICPA is Japan's only internationally accredited school, the exclusive international accreditation of the World Class Executive LEPSW Group.


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